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Finding Fresh Air - Swap! Papyrus x Reader (DISCONTINUED) by B_string_e
Finding Fresh Air - Swap! B_string_e
!! Long Chapters !! 1000-4000 words each! **This book will be continued by another person so check the A/n at the end of the book to go to their continuation of this!** ...
Meeting Yourself Twice  by TheMayFlowerUwU
Meeting Yourself Twice by The May Flower
The swap brothers stubble upon not one but two other skeletons. Both in serious condition Who are they and where do they come from ? Underfell,Underswap and Swapfell doe...
Maybe by HappiLi
Maybeby Li Dang
He was afraid of the storms in her eyes, but somehow, they were meant to be. [ warning: my writing was a complete disaster in 2013. read at your own risk. ]
"I'll Help You" Honeymustard Fanfiction by aufictions
"I'll Help You" Honeymustard aufictions
• discontinued • One day an abused skeleton appears out of nowhere. He looked like he needed help... He looked like he The tall skeleton notic...
Reborn as Fem!Killer Sans  by HyperFixtionSucks202
Reborn as Fem!Killer Sans by HyperFixtionSucks202
Someone dies and is Reborn as Fem!Killer Sans. She ends up joining the gang and because of some things that happened, she lost most of her morals and her ability to empa...
Suddenly Swapped, I Became Swap Papyrus! by UnderTaleHyperFixed
Suddenly Swapped, I Became Swap UnderTaleHyperFixed
One moment I, a shut-in human female, was sleeping in my bed, the next I wake up in agonizing pain. Just when I thought the pain would end I was flooded with more, makin...
acRoSS TimE ANd sPacE (Undertale) by moonstruck-midnight
acRoSS TimE ANd sPacE (Undertale)by Moony of Korigakure
Destruction. It was what Error was good at. Destruction of timelines, AUs. Apparently, he was good at destroying himself, too. - „hEH, don'T mAKe Me lAUgh. YoU dOn'T neE...
Exhibit of Sorrows CLOWNS X Reader by Mi11enniumD0ct0rWh0
Exhibit of Sorrows CLOWNS X Readerby Millennium Doctor Who
You were greeted by some clowns and you went through some mini games, each games, they seem to have problems and you helped them, some even tried to kill you.
 error story's /error One-shots by mommy_error
error story's /error One-shotsby Mad dog-Chan
I drew the cover so this is mostly a bunch of story's about error the forced god of destruction and stuff like that I'm not going to do this one often I'm lazy and real...
Living Tales [DISCONTINUED] by ghostwhisht
Living Tales [DISCONTINUED]by Mikaela
!!! This story will officially stop getting updated here, and ONLY on AO3 !!! I'm going to try and write one-shots/short stories for Undertale (AU's) Slow updates, ALWAY...
Christmas Party Au (Undertale Au's x Reader) by Snow_Wolf9
Christmas Party Au (Undertale Au' The Snow and Shadow Wolf
I got inspiration from _Sansational_Sans_, credits to them. You live in the universe Underswap with Sans(Blue/Blueberry) and Papyrus (Stretch/Carrot), and they get invit...
the Great Hero Papyrus by GrimlockKnight
the Great Hero Papyrusby GrimlockKnight
with the constant of the resets, Papyrus knows his lines. He plays his role perfectly. Now he's on a brand new and strange stage on the surface where the humans have the...
Kat's older sister ( Stretch love story ) by destinyangel29
Kat's older sister ( Stretch destinyangel29
Ether a remake or it's an re-remakes of my other story
I Spy with my little eye... by yourpasswordiswrong
I Spy with my little yourpasswordiswrong
Ink is fucking weird and comes up with some of the stupidest ideas to stop the destroyer. Inspired by harrish9's forced destroyer work.
🎶🍯a siren's voice as sweet as honey🍯🎶 (Underswap Papyrus x reader) by CreatorSJ
🎶🍯a siren's voice as sweet as S.J.
You were lonely. You had what others consider a perfect life.You were a famous songwriter/singer at LunarCel and were called 'Siren Starvoice'.You lived in a mansion tha...
Mother From The Anti-void by UnbelievablyCuteCats
Mother From The Anti-voidby InHonorOfEvil
Error ends up saving a kid from an abusive home by accident and is then, through a one sided conversation, is decided to be their mother. And so he then proceeds to stop...
Love Is A Dangerous Game..... -Dustberry by FlameonLeaf
Love Is A Dangerous Game..... TheFlamingFox
Can it be that a Royal Guard that stops the act of crime could fall for one that causes the sadness and pain of others? It can be that a Royal Guard can be with a multi...
Chaotic School Day by yesohmama
Chaotic School Dayby Yesoh Mama
One of my friends got beaten up pretty badly at school because of her outfit but thankfully she has recovered now.
Kat's older sister ( Stretch love story book one ) by 2019summerangel
Kat's older sister ( Stretch destinyangel29
Remake of my other story Kat's older sister ( Stretch love story )
Misfit Family by MX-Core
Misfit Familyby MX-Core
(Basically Dadmare and Dream trying to raise the kid versions of the other sanses) Nightmare and Dream's parents left them with a giant house, a ridiculous amount of mon...