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Prepare While Others Play  by ExploreMonogamy-
Prepare While Others Play by Sabrina~♡
The moment Blaine sees his curvy figure and blue eyes, he knows he wants him. Everyone has a price, he just needs to find out what his is. Kurt is completely broke and...
Stripper.   (Complete) by Buttercakes134
Stripper. (Complete)by Buttercakes134
Kim Namjoon is a highschooler. he works at a strip club for money,and takes care of his younger brother, Jungkook. He can only pay with the small amount of money he gets...
STRIPPERS In The CLUBXXX by teamkokotwo
STRIPPERS In The CLUBXXXby teamkokotwo
Nobody knew that visiting a strip club would bring on so much heartache, drama, and crime. Had half of them known what would occur in their lives later that month, they...
midnight fantasies by TheLibrariaan
midnight fantasiesby The Librarian
my fantasies, deep and dark. to be deleted again I'm sure. so much for freedom to write.
Bakugou x stripper reader👅 by mhansfwstories
Bakugou x stripper reader👅by あいーちゃん
☁️=nothing sexual😁 🍋=sexual😏 🙇🏽‍♀️=a lil sexual I don't know the point of making this but yea it might have some lemon in it here and there but it's mostly fluffy...
Chance Meeting by AngelStar100781
Chance Meetingby Angela A. Twigg
Steve meets a woman that changes his life forever.
forever my shorty  ❤️ by PriincessPoppin
forever my shorty ❤️by Antraanae Rowe
read the love story of Princess & Khalil...💔 enjoy 😘 sorry for any mistakes!
It Started With A Want - HopeKook by OutOfTheBook
It Started With A Want - HopeKookby OutOfTheBook
Virgin Jungkook wants to lose his innocence as fast as possible, but is scared they'll judge him. He goes to a strip club, where he hires the most experienced male strip...
Cherry Lips (RM ff - Bangtan + 7) by LuxElorac
Cherry Lips (RM ff - Bangtan + 7)by LuxElorac
What will Namjoon do to protect the woman who had caught his attention the moment he saw her?
strip life by huhkiss
strip lifeby huhkiss
bakugo who works at a strip club finds his heart getting distracted by a red head boy with shark teeth who walks in late at night😉
Just A Cancer. •Symbrock• by africkenfricker
Just A Cancer. •Symbrock•by Shipping Cesspool
[[I AM IN THE PROCESS OF REWRITING THIS FIC]] My name is Eddie Brock, and a week ago I stepped in alien sh*t. Now I'm living with a parasitic d*ck head.
dnf smutshots by IighterfIuid
dnf smutshotsby IighterfIuid
k if you see this I'm so sorry but i needed to share this masterpiece with the world
I'm Always by MoonDust222
I'm Alwaysby Nova
I'm always by your side. Can you feel it?
yoonmin Suicide Squad (Book1) by nekojungkook101
yoonmin Suicide Squad (Book1)by nekojungkook101
park jimin gets the job of a therapists but he has to take care of the clown... the joker. what happens if jimin gets to close to him. what will his friend taehyung say...
•The mafia packs princess• •omegaverse• by tj3365
•The mafia packs princess• • ♦️TJ♦️
⚠️🖤I own everything!! The characters, storyline and cover 🖤⚠️ "She's the alphas omega and the omegas alpha!" "You idiot! Betas don't need both!" Th...
Stolen (b.t.) by rebranded
Stolen (b.t.)by dun
The mark you left on me. The stolen pieces of my soul Started on 9/9/16
use it or lose it • nikki sixx by -heavymetalthunder
use it or lose it • nikki sixxby ♡ däddy mäddy ♡
in which a young British girl living on the Sunset Strip during the 80s falls in love with the bassist of a famous band that she had not heard from in 5 years...
Undercover~(REED900 SMUT FIC) by Smol_lemon
Undercover~(REED900 SMUT FIC)by Beans
This is just some random smut fanfic of my boys coz I love them. Its only a short story but I could continue it on if you guys wanted me to. If you would like me to cont...