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Strip by MilkFaced
Stripby smol bean
"So, you're a stripper?" "Yup." Molly is struggling to stay on her feet. After her mom leaves, she's left to take care of her little brother, and si...
Annihilation by DoctorRockhard
Annihilationby DoctorRockhard
#1 in Robots for 10/15 #1 in Monsters 09/21 #1 in Cyber 08/3 #1 in Cyberpunk 09/14 "You are a virgin?" Genesis felt her eyes began to water, and she yanked do...
Not so Innocent by addicted2romanceBl
Not so Innocentby Ashtuallyaddicted
August is a the sweetest little guy. Bright grey hair, big smile, quiet, always helpful, oblivious, always studying and doing work. You can see him wandering the halls w...
𝐒𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐃 𝐌𝐄  by urbanvirtuoso
𝐒𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐃 𝐌𝐄 by osonʇɹᴉʌuɐqɹn
𝐓𝐢𝐧𝐤 - 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐛
Thee hottest  by rxcklesssss
Thee hottest by rxcklesssss
Young M.A a well known strip club owner hires a girl named Megan let's see how things go from there Started: 6/24/22
Strip Tease - Haikyuu x Reader by pjmxkthxjhs
Strip Tease - Haikyuu x Readerby Jimins wife
Y/n is the owner of a male strip club. She recently had taken over the club when the previous owner retired. The club was in shambles when she first took over. Over the...
Stripper.   (Complete) by Buttercakes134
Stripper. (Complete)by Buttercakes134
Kim Namjoon is a highschooler. he works at a strip club for money,and takes care of his younger brother, Jungkook. He can only pay with the small amount of money he gets...
Dirty Mugs-klance by godly_garbage420
Dirty Mugs-klanceby Cow
Warning: kind of mature (language and topics... well and setting, but it's pretty fluffy) Lance is a bartender at a strip club called "paladins" this strip cl...
Strip Tease °jhs au° by BadBusanBxtchesOnly
Strip Tease °jhs au°by Momma's resting💕
"Don't underestimate me." ©BadBusanBxtchesOnly 2019 Started: 2/17/2019 **🥇1ST PLACE WINNER OF THE ARMY AWARDS 'SOLO HOSEOK' CATEGORY'** HIGHEST RANK: #2 in #m...
In the End by ErynRaineStories
In the Endby Eryn Raine
Living in New York isn't all it's cracked up to be. After living in the Big City for nearly five years, the most Ida Farcao has achieved is attaining her Degree in Busin...
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ANNALISE by itzurmom123
ANNALISEby shewrites
Annalise knew what she was getting herself into, and she knew how to get under his skin. Just how far will her firery personality push until he breaks.
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Red door  by doxxjvvx
Red door by doxxjvvx
Kirishima has a bad life his mom is a drunk and his dad will he is out of the picture Kiri works at a strip club to pay the bills what happens when a crew of bad boys c...
Man of honor by RawChenford
Man of honorby Kob
Tim is relaxed and having a great time at the wedding he helped plan. Except something is haunting him from the other night. The first part is the scene at the stripclub...
My Luna slave  by omgtroylertimetrash
My Luna slave by omgtroylertimetrash
I do not share my name or my story. I do not show my face when talked to. I do not disobey. I do not talk. I do not hope. I do not live. Who knows if I handed myself in...
On Your Knees-Karmagisa Fic by VacantCanadian
On Your Knees-Karmagisa Ficby The Awesome Prussia
Stripper!Nagisa and Karma. Idk where this is going or how long it's gonna be. Lotta Smuuuuuuuut ((Fic Cover is mine!))
dnf smutshots by IighterfIuid
dnf smutshotsby IighterfIuid
k if you see this I'm so sorry but i needed to share this masterpiece with the world
Mr Way and the stripper  [Gerard Way x female reader] by Gerardiewayy
Mr Way and the stripper [Gerard Abs
Y/n l/n, is a stripper with a tragic past working for Mr Way who treats her terribly will they ever learn to get along? Mr Way, owns a strip club but his business is goi...
17 Black by romanllama
17 Blackby romanllama
And there he was, in all his glory--the most beautiful boy Harry had ever seen. His hand stopped shaking for the first time all night, and he felt as though his surround...