Superstitious Stories

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ONE Curse. TWO Families. THREE Lives. RIVAL Villages waiting for killing each other any time soon. What will be the the god's play in the their lives? Will it be death...
Beauty Behind The Madness by poko_CHAN
Beauty Behind The Madnessby BeautyBehindTheMadness
Mia takes a dare from her friends to play one of the deadly games : Dry Bones She wins the dare of course but somethings had remained behind. It will haunt her till her...
DOPPELGANGER by LittleMissHorovedy
DOPPELGANGERby LittleMissHorovedy (FKA JBfan...
Picture this. Your world is crumbling. And you think that the only person who can save you is yourself, except it's not really yourself. If one day, you woke up and came...
Superstitious fortune of love by hannahbrewer12
Superstitious fortune of loveby Wändërlüst
Raine Marie Taylor wasn't your average teenage girl. Nor did she think like one, she was overly superstitious. From black cats to braking mirrors she abided by the rule...
Grandma Sweetwine's Bible by shazza1d
Grandma Sweetwine's Bibleby Sheetal
Grandma Sweetwine (in the "I'll give you the sun" written by "Jandy Nelson) gifts her 13 years old grand daughter her own written Bible full of worldly su...
To Tame a Wolf: A Little Red Riding Hood Fanfic *ON HOLD* by RobynAster
To Tame a Wolf: A Little Red RobynAster
(This is not a story about werewolves.) Mute and orphaned, Cerise Wonslin lives her life under the hood of her red cloak. So much so, that people have stopped calling he...
The Phoenix Meet Central City  by diamondtouchh
The Phoenix Meet Central City by wolfie
A Marvel Superhero takes a visit to Central City for 4 months.She go by the Phoenix (i made that character/hero up). Will she team up with The Flash Team and Save Centra...
Superstitious by UsernameNotFound
Superstitiousby Dawn (That's my pen name, jus...
Mark has always been superstitious. He hates black cats, steers clear of cracks in sidewalks, and avoids graveyards like the plague. But on one social studies field trip...
When you were gone by 24ksteed
When you were goneby Music is Life
18 year old Violet struggles to get a loong with her annoying little sister May. She ruins everything from hanging out with freinds and romantic Dates. Can't she just go...
What's the truth? by miochan666
What's the truth?by M
What is the truth? No one truly knows yet. I will be researching and breaking down everything about the beginning. The creation of life the paranormal and supernatural...
The Mirror by Ash_Fern
The Mirrorby Ashley Fern
Just a random horror story, creepy at best. Other than the essays and on one occasion a short story(because I couldn't help myself) for school assignments, I usually don...
Arc ~The Beginning of Disaster~ (Part 1) by VadIMIV77
Arc ~The Beginning of Disaster~ ( 西園寺ナナ
Miroslav the First, ruler of the Fae kingdom Mechtatsvete, and his Queen Consort Yelena are tested a decade of childless. Their pray for a child is answered, and is born...
Unlucky by DemiHuffle
Unluckyby HuffleTruffle
All my life I have been unlucky. My twin brother is the exact opposite of me, and he always has been. My name is Fuchsia, and I always loved painting. It's an escape fro...
Macabre: the Gothic Boutique [3rd draft] by gossamersilverglow
Macabre: the Gothic Boutique [ gossamersilverglow
Simon, a nerdy, agoraphobic wolf-shifter falls in love with a human named Annabelle who's more interested in her new employer at a local gothic boutique, James--a man wh...
Peek A Boo. I See You. by sariyahmlcoleman99
Peek A Boo. I See Sariyah Mae-Lynn Coleman
Agatha doesn't believe in ghouls. In fact, she practically lived in a creepy house, IN a GRAVE YARD! But after meeting with a Warnock, strange things happens...
Post Mortem Post Stationery by SageSkate49
Post Mortem Post Stationeryby Sage Skate 49
Two teens, madly in love. One of them commits suicide. The other had to slog through the emotional swamp usually called aftermath. She has to find out why he committed s...