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Spring Break by irena_s42
Spring Breakby irena_s42
Set directly after the end of Season 3 of Teasing Master Takagi-San. It's Spring Break time and Nishikata is feeling lonely. He challenges Takagi-san to a contest in ord...
The Skilled Lover Takagi-chan! by BoLtMiTSaRa
The Skilled Lover Takagi-chan!by BoLtMiTSaRa
⭐✴❇ This is a story that takes place in Kyoto Japan. A young teenaged boy named Jōzu Nishikata has just moved to Kyoto Japan from Tokyo. He also attends the school North...
Trouble with love by Axis24
Trouble with loveby Axis29
Takagi-San has a bad habit of teasing Nishikata a lot, even going so far as to admit that she can't help it, but what effect will this have on Nishikata? Will he even be...
Storm by CrunchyWatah
Stormby Larry
Storms more often then not are destructive. So will it make or break this relationship?
stay with me (Teasing Master Takagi-san) by Weeb462
stay with me (Teasing Master Takag...by Weeb
After Nishikata was in accident. Takagi is scared for his life. How will she cope with it.
teaser takagi afterstory by KITTNC
teaser takagi afterstoryby KITTNC
a fan fictional story about what happened between Takagi and Nishikata in their third year of secondary school and further , please enjoy!! (the story is only a fan fict...
New perspective by Axis24
New perspectiveby Axis29
Disclaimer: Some fantasy elements added For Nishikata, trying to spend time with Takagi was already difficult, what with them being in many different classes, despite go...
You Lied To Me // Detective Conan/Case Closed by jailrose1987
You Lied To Me // Detective Conan...by Jail Rose
[ UNDER REVISION ] {PREQUEL OF "BLACK ORGANIZATION'S HUNT FOR SHINICHI"} Conan has only two goals: To protect his relatives and friends, and to try to stop the...
°Zıp-Zp°  // JJ // Əłłâ⚜🔱 by tushgbaagii
°Zıp-Zp° // JJ // Əłłâ⚜🔱by Taesoo_Holly
Шилжигч -> Өнгөрсөн дахь түүхийн 2р дүр->галактик-н . . .
Just Say It (A Teasing Master Takagi-San Fanfic) by Stories_with_arka
Just Say It (A Teasing Master Taka...by Stories_with_arka
[COMPLETED] Set just after the summer festival. Nishikata is struggling to understand his feelings and affection towards Takagi while Takagi waits for him to confess. Wh...
Nishikata and Takagi in a game of Life  by Author-kun77
Nishikata and Takagi in a game of...by Author-kun
Middle School is in the past. The future is now. But through all of the teasing,pain,love,and life can something good come from it? I had this on another account so now...
Accompany Is a Sincere Confession by DanielShiny
Accompany Is a Sincere Confessionby Daniel Martin
The best showcase of love was simply be there for them. This is my first Karakai jouzu no Takagi-san fanfic. As a massive fan of this cute pair, I'd love to share my lit...
Detective conan: game over (fanfic) by lanachoco5
Detective conan: game over (fanfic)by Lana
Some parts from the story: Conan's pov Every minute to me was like a year , oh if i just was 7 years old again its 100 times better than ....... - Ran pov .....i didn't...
Pain by BlackHole7913
Painby an idiot.
Nishikata meets a new transfer student and she confesses her love to him but things went horribly wrong...
IRIS - You're Better Off by Crafted05
IRIS - You're Better Offby Crafted05
There's a vicious smile behind every misfortune. -Goliath's Throne What if one day, Takagi Teases Nishikata too much that his anger burst out, and left Takagi devestated...
Takagi-San. After the festival... by JoinedForTakagiSan
Takagi-San. After the festival...by JoinedForTakagiSan
My first fan fiction. I was never planning on writing one but it just entered my head one day. Anime and manga 'Karakai Jouzu no Takagi San'. Picks up after the festival...
Puzzle box by Axis24
Puzzle boxby Axis29
Highschool exams are fast approaching, and Nishikata has more than his fair share of issues to deal with. He hasn't chosen a school, he needs to bring his grades up, and...
Why Do You Like Teasing Me So Much? by silversagesss
Why Do You Like Teasing Me So Much?by uǝɹ
Entering high school Takagi-San and Nishikata meet again. After all the teasing in middle school, how will Nishikata continue to face the jokes Takagi-San makes? Will hi...
Amare Memoriae by Axis24
Amare Memoriaeby Axis29
Everyone faces loss from time to time, some lose something precious to them, and some try their best to fill the void left behind by that loss, but after this loss, it's...