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Price of admission by Axis24
Price of admissionby Axis29
It hasn't been long since the summer festival yet everything appears to be the same as they were between Nishikata and Takagi. Looks however, can be somewhat deceiving...
Takagi-San. After the festival... by JoinedForTakagiSan
Takagi-San. After the festival...by JoinedForTakagiSan
My first fan fiction. I was never planning on writing one but it just entered my head one day. Anime and manga 'Karakai Jouzu no Takagi San'. Picks up after the festival...
River of Stars by PanzerDrift
River of Starsby PanzerDrift
The Summer Festival has just ended, Nishikata's and Takagi's bond is stronger than ever before. After having just found each other, what do they do when something threat...
Why Do You Like Teasing Me So Much? by silversagesss
Why Do You Like Teasing Me So Much?by uǝɹ
Entering high school Takagi-San and Nishikata meet again. After all the teasing in middle school, how will Nishikata continue to face the jokes Takagi-San makes? Will hi...
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My Skilled Teaser Classmate by FakeWriterU
My Skilled Teaser Classmateby Ryu
Please welcome me as a newbie and this is my first ever story I've made. the story contains 20 chapters in it and the story is based on the anime I've watched but the st...
What Are You To Me? [Completed] by GDHR1927
What Are You To Me? [Completed]by GDHR2207
This story takes place after the summer festival and picks up in the final days of nishikata's and takagi's eventful summer, but there is a secret nishikata's hiding fro...
Trouble with love by Axis24
Trouble with loveby Axis29
Takagi-San has a bad habit of teasing Nishikata a lot, even going so far as to admit that she can't help it, but what effect will this have on Nishikata? Will he even be...
New perspective by Axis24
New perspectiveby Axis29
Disclaimer: Some fantasy elements added This story has been put on hold, and will no longer have a consistent update schedule. For Nishikata, trying to spend time with T...
teaser takagi afterstory by KITTNC
teaser takagi afterstoryby KITTNC
a fan fictional story about what happened between Takagi and Nishikata in their third year of secondary school and further , please enjoy!! (the story is only a fan fict...
Clouded Minds by PianoMan5
Clouded Mindsby PianoMan5
Middle school is rough, especially for two young frenemies that come away from a memorable summer festival with dramatically different expectations. When Takagi gets ove...
Love isn't written without U by YukiandRie
Love isn't written without Uby Yuki&Rie
When a girl is in love with a boy, she does everything possible to make him notice her love. But what happens when the girl uses teasing to get closer to the love of her...
IRIS - You're Better Off by Crafted05
IRIS - You're Better Offby Crafted05
There's a vicious smile behind every misfortune. -Goliath's Throne What if one day, Takagi Teases Nishikata too much that his anger burst out, and left Takagi devestated...
Highschool of The Dead x cowboy reader by Pevusbass
Highschool of The Dead x cowboy re...by Needles
What happens when a cowboy straight out of the south goes on a trip to Japan to guard a secret facility? Well, it doesn't end there... A zombie outbreak happens and he's...
Accompany Is a Sincere Confession by DanielShiny
Accompany Is a Sincere Confessionby Daniel Martin
The best showcase of love was simply be there for them. This is my first Karakai jouzu no Takagi-san fanfic. As a massive fan of this cute pair, I'd love to share my lit...
Just Say It (A Teasing Master Takagi-San Fanfic) by Stories_with_arka
Just Say It (A Teasing Master Taka...by Stories_with_arka
[COMPLETED] Set just after the summer festival. Nishikata is struggling to understand his feelings and affection towards Takagi while Takagi waits for him to confess. Wh...
Nishikata and Takagi in a game of Life  by Author-kun77
Nishikata and Takagi in a game of...by Author-kun
Middle School is in the past. The future is now. But through all of the teasing,pain,love,and life can something good come from it? I had this on another account so now...
Teased Together by Stories_with_arka
Teased Togetherby Stories_with_arka
sequel to my previous Takagi-san fanfic "Just say it"
takashi 10 Highschool of the dead by theone799
takashi 10 Highschool of the deadby NziAuthour
What happens when an alien heroes is sent on a mission in japan at the exact time the zombies appears well i will tell you what you get the story of takashi komuru tenny...
Takagi san Vs Nishikata by WritingMasterFanfic
Takagi san Vs Nishikataby WritingMasterFanfic
Nishikata wants to beat takagi but she is always one step ahead.Can Nishikata win?Or will he fail and be teased like always? Alternative parts to chapter's.
Love Among the Dead (Saya Takagi x Male Reader) by The789Guy
Love Among the Dead (Saya Takagi x...by Mitsuru's #1 Fanboy
You always just wanted to be free and do whatever you wanted. During a talk with a few friends, the whole world began to die. Undead began attacking and everything fell...