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You're all mine (Yandere!Akame x Tatsumi) by RedNightRaider
You're all mine (Yandere!Akame x T...by RedNightRaider
What happen's when the most feared woman of night raid become's obsessed with someone? absalute hell for her rival's.
My Precious Vampiress (Vampire!Akame x Tatsumi fanfiction) by RedNightRaider
My Precious Vampiress (Vampire!Aka...by RedNightRaider
Tatsumi was an normal teenage guy in school at least until he was woken up late at night to a sharp pain in his neck. Love can't begin with a bite. Can it? [I don't own...
Broken (Akame ga Kill!) by 15LarueA
Broken (Akame ga Kill!)by Amelia Larue
Akame is broken in all ways, she has no one but one day everything changed, Tatsumi is alive and she sees someone who made a very terrible mistake!
Life As We Knew It: Assassin Arc by Ssj-crona
Life As We Knew It: Assassin Arcby Ssj-crona
This is a crossover fanfiction that has Akame ga Kill, Danganronpa, and Rwby. The Remnants of Despair have been reformed and Naegi and Kirigiri need teams Rwby and Jnpr...
Lost and Found [Tatsumi x Harem] by RedNightRaider
Lost and Found [Tatsumi x Harem]by RedNightRaider
After his mother gave him up for adoption Tatsumi lived through hell but that all changed when he made the choise that would change his life for the better [I don't own...
The Dragon Spirit (Tatsumi x Akame) by RedNightRaider
The Dragon Spirit (Tatsumi x Akame)by RedNightRaider
After Tatsumi barely survived his fight with the emperor's Teigu known as Shikoutazer he began the merging of Incursio to keep the promess he made, Tatsumi and Akame tra...
Kiss me forever (Akame x Tatsumi Fanfic) by RedNightRaider
Kiss me forever (Akame x Tatsumi F...by RedNightRaider
Tatsumi and Akame had been married for a while and had lived a happy life but someone doesn't want that to continue who could it be? This is a sequal to my previous stor...
Akame ga Kill! - Rebound by amelia-v
Akame ga Kill! - Reboundby amelia-v
After two years of thinking her comrades were all dead, Akame gets informed that Tatsumi is actually alive. She travels back to the capital for the first time since the...
the Empress' Dragon [Empress!Akame x Hybrid Tatsumi] by RedNightRaider
the Empress' Dragon [Empress!Akame...by RedNightRaider
Akame was a beloved Empress who ruled her kingdom alone, intern she became lonely so she sent her men out to find a sutible husband which lead them to the Hybrid young m...