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You're all mine (Yandere!Akame x Tatsumi) by RedNightRaider
You're all mine (Yandere!Akame x T...by RedNightRaider
What happen's when the most feared woman of night raid become's obsessed with someone? absalute hell for her rival's.
Lost and Found [Tatsumi x Harem] by RedNightRaider
Lost and Found [Tatsumi x Harem]by RedNightRaider
After his mother gave him up for adoption Tatsumi lived through hell but that all changed when he made the choise that would change his life for the better [I don't own...
The Dragon Spirit (Tatsumi x Akame) by RedNightRaider
The Dragon Spirit (Tatsumi x Akame)by RedNightRaider
After Tatsumi barely survived his fight with the emperor's Teigu known as Shikoutazer he began the merging of Incursio to keep the promess he made, Tatsumi and Akame tra...
My Precious Vampiress (Vampire!Akame x Tatsumi fanfiction) by RedNightRaider
My Precious Vampiress (Vampire!Aka...by RedNightRaider
Tatsumi was an normal teenage guy in school at least until he was woken up late at night to a sharp pain in his neck. Love can't begin with a bite. Can it? [I don't own...
Love Never Die's (Akame x Tatsumi fanfiction) by RedNightRaider
Love Never Die's (Akame x Tatsumi...by RedNightRaider
Tatsumi has been waiting for the day he could join the empire's army along side his friend's but that just might change when he meet's someone from his bloodline that ch...
Kiss me forever (Akame x Tatsumi Fanfic) by RedNightRaider
Kiss me forever (Akame x Tatsumi F...by RedNightRaider
Tatsumi and Akame had been married for a while and had lived a happy life but someone doesn't want that to continue who could it be? This is a sequal to my previous stor...
Akame ga kill! The New Assassin by 2Otaku4u
Akame ga kill! The New Assassinby Shouko
Kimiko Hanate was part of a rich family. She had everything she ever wanted, but not happiness. Then, one day in the night her home was targeted by a group of assassins...
The Ghoul Assassin: Akame Ga Kill x Male Reader by FlandreAsuramaru
The Ghoul Assassin: Akame Ga Kill...by Flandre Sparda
Y/n who is a one-eyed ghoul (With the ability same as deadmen from Dead man Wonderland), happens to stumble into a new world with someone he just met. This world however...
Prototype Ga Kill by Kayto2538
Prototype Ga Killby Kayto2538
New York City is on the brink of destruction. Facing an apocalypse that will kill everyone and continue to spread. And one man dares to stand against it. Only he wont do...
A Friendly Favor by TheDragonIncursio
A Friendly Favorby Tatsumi
A bath with between two best friends can't go wrong right? Tatsumi x Lubbock (seme!Tatsumi x uke!Lubbock)
Snow Storm (Tatsumi x Lubbock) by TheDragonIncursio
Snow Storm (Tatsumi x Lubbock)by Tatsumi
"Let me warm you up." He whispered lowly. Lubbock shivered.
Education Experimentation by TheDragonIncursio
Education Experimentationby Tatsumi
Tatsumi learns something he needs from an eager Bulat and a reluctant Lubbock. (Bulat x Tatsumi x Lubbock) Yaoi, smut
Communication by TheDragonIncursio
Communicationby Tatsumi
Tatsumi learns he and Lubbock really need to work on their communication. (Tatsumi x Lubbock) Yaoi, fluff
『バウンド』 Bound by TheDragonIncursio
『バウンド』 Boundby Tatsumi
Whether it was by a miracle or astounding fate, Tatsumi finds himself reunited with Lubbock. In their eyes, their mission has not ended quite yet and the first order of...
Akame ga Kill! Gender bent One Shots by TheDragonIncursio
Akame ga Kill! Gender bent One Sho...by Tatsumi
Prompts written by me and given by you readers. This story contains the characters with their genders twisted.
Chelsea's Finest Prank! (Akame ga Kill fancomic) by TheDragonIncursio
Chelsea's Finest Prank! (Akame ga...by Tatsumi
Chelsea plays a short little prank on Lubbock, meanwhile affecting Tatsumi for the future. (Prepare for ten seconds of my shitty art)
Akame Ga Kill: Kill The Verdant-Haired Girl by SarahLong12
Akame Ga Kill: Kill The Verdant-Ha...by SarahLong12
Robyn had never asked for a weapon that could change the world. But here she was, faced with the knowledge and the choice that usually comes with knowing. Stuff happens.
Akame Ga Kill Legacy by DeathOfGods
Akame Ga Kill Legacyby DeathOfGods
Blakk Silver and his brother Akaizo Silver are part of the new world. When original Night Raid changed the world you thought it would last? WRONG. This story tells the t...
A Flight of a Thousand Miles by Audoori-chan
A Flight of a Thousand Milesby Audrey the "updater"
That day, Run knew he had to make a choice. Either change the Empire from the inside, or help create a new one with the Revolutionary Army. What he chooses however, isn'...