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Bay's Anatomy [JACKSON AVERY] by jamiewrites3
Bay's Anatomy [JACKSON AVERY]by jamiewrites3
Jamie Bay, a 32 year old Trauma Surgeon who just became a fellow, has it all. She has amazing friends, like Meredith Grey. What will happen when she starts to feel somet...
The True Alpha by HappyFairy13
The True Alphaby Cera
#15 in Werewolf on 3 September 2017 Bring this beautiful world of werewolves in our lives and then talk about power clash between cunning humans fueled with manipulation...
Call Me Crazy by MindtoLife
Call Me Crazyby MindtoLife
Boy finds girl's number in bathroom stall. Girl thinks boy's a freak. Somehow, they end up being what they both need over a series of phone calls and conversations.
My Possessive Boss {Complete} by rithikaj12
My Possessive Boss {Complete}by rj12
Highest Ranking: #105 in Romance on 9th September 2017 #498 in Fan Fiction on 11th August 2017 If you at reading this story on any other platform other than wattpad you...
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Seventh Safeguard by Charlotte-Ann
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure...by Charlotte Ann Kent
Sherlock Holmes takes on the case of tracking down the mysterious, teleporting killer who murdered the quiet Amelia Bones. When he meets three strange teens in a London...
Ms. Billionaires Ex-husband {Complete} #TheAnnualWriterAward #teawards #TFA2017 by rithikaj12
Ms. Billionaires Ex-husband {Compl...by rj12
Highest rank : #484 in Romance 10th July 2017 -----------------------------WON THIRD PRICE IN ICE AWARDS AND BCSA-------------------------- If you at reading this story...
Rose Queen - Oliver Queen Little Sister Story by DarlingBuns
Rose Queen - Oliver Queen Little S...by Hell's Little Angel
My name is Rose Queen and im 11 years old, 5 years ago my brother and father were killed in a boat accident. I just found out that my brother didn't die, and that someth...
That Stormy Night by DesertroseHoi
That Stormy Nightby Desertrose Hoi
This short story is set in 1950, India, in a small hill station known as Chail in Himachal Pradesh. A Horror story that also gives a glimpse of the lives of people in th...
The Mafia's Secret  (Updating Again) by melina_mak
The Mafia's Secret (Updating Agai...by melina_mak
Xavier Jones is the leader of the Russian mafia. He is ruthless, rich, rude, he doesn't have faith in people and last but not least he is bad the baddest to be correct ...
From school life, crush, love, Facebook, and heartbreak, to adulthood, misunderstandings, separation, and reunion. This is your perfect saga of teenage heartbreak to rec...
His Daughter's Friends by smackmack
His Daughter's Friendsby Mackenzie
Three girls are kidnapped and forced to befriend their kidnappers daughter. Except his daughter isn't exactly normal. - Highest ranking: 15th in Horror - Amazing cover b...
Misguided by Nikka012014
Misguidedby Nikka
The omission of truths is the same as a lie. Follow Tanya on her journey through love and discovery that leads to her happiness.
The Suicide Notebook by Alteration_Art
The Suicide Notebookby Killjoy Queen
"Make sure you are something before you fade to nothing," is a statement that Lucky takes to heart. At Bayridge High, a prestigious boarding school on t...
SPT; The Anchor to Betweenness (being rewritten) by Hartford_Alex_Utane
SPT; The Anchor to Betweenness (be...by Keller Diccless
Book 1 in the To Be Insane series. A drug gone wrong in 2026 has plagued the people of Earth, dividing them into 4 levels of insanity after killing billions. The lar...
Poems on Life by penstrokes75
Poems on Lifeby Abheesht
#13 as on 20/02/17 An anthology of poems. Eruption of the volcano containing the lava of my pent-up emotions. Splashes of it on a piece of paper. "The bottle conta...
The Posterity by meeramiller007
The Posterityby MEERA MILLER
Highest rank- #14 in Science Fiction!! Winner of The Golden Key Awards.. Mira Vij is a normal girl. Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to her. A year in Russi...
Legend Land: Tale of the Nameless God by NoahBarfield
Legend Land: Tale of the Nameless...by Noah Barfield
The sprawling city of Malor is the most technologically advanced city in Legend Land, and is rife with possibilities. This has not gone unnoticed. Among the gang wars, b...
The Mansion You Fantasied by Mrinalini_Sai
The Mansion You Fantasiedby Mrinalini Sai
Highest ranking- #4 on wattpad hotlist. Winner of #BestOfTheBest Amethyst Awards, Pinpoint Awards and Undiscovered Horror Awards. Elsa Smith is a 19 year old girl. She'...
Faith, Hope, and Charity by DCWynters
Faith, Hope, and Charityby D. C. Wynters
Twelve years ago, Charity became a slave. Her mother sold her and her two sisters, Hope and Faith, and then disappeared. Since then, Charity has been searching for a way...