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Orange sky / Looking for Alaska by looneymay
Orange sky / Looking for Alaskaby looneymay
"I had a dream I, stood beneath an orange sky" looking for alaska oc x oc I don't own looking for alaska, but I do own Jason and Talitha.
Softverse by K9Effect
Softverseby Sam
This book officially contains all the Softverse fics from my tumblr (@K9Effect) and my Ao3 account (@Oh_DAMNeron).
Kiss Of Death (Who Killed Markiplier Oneshots) by TheGirliplier
Kiss Of Death (Who Killed TheGirliplier
I'm so sorry for discontinuing this book, so much stuff is going on and it fell out of my agenda and interest. Again, I'm very sorry. I will keep the book up for those o...
Who Killed Markiplier One Shots by FlamingFriendship
Who Killed Markiplier One Shotsby FlamingFriendship
I take requests and I will write about whatever y'all ask for! This is just to give me something to do in between my first story and its sequel. I hope y'all enjoy!
rhiannon and alaska. an unlikely duo, a black cat and golden retriever duo. alaska was unpredictable , rhia could predict her. and god, was rhia glad she predicted this...
The Markiplier Story by mangleora
The Markiplier Storyby Alex
Markiplier and his best friend, Y/N, have shot many a videos of his "egos". Who knew that one day they would actually appear. Contains spoilers to all of Mark'...
She's The One (Damien x Reader) by fandoms_scream
She's The One (Damien x Reader)by ☂︎ Jenna ☂︎ The Doctor (aka D...
You are a princess, and you have been summoned (along with other princesses) to live with the prince until he finds a suitor. The old king has passed away, and before Da...
who killed Markiplier x reader by Normal_weebstuff69
who killed Markiplier x readerby h0rn¥_weeb69
you are invited to a poker night with some close friends, but something happens and your friend suddenly dies what will happen next
A Few too Many Drinks (Dilliam AU) by Seamlessness
A Few too Many Drinks (Dilliam AU)by Seamless
Mark is having a party to celebrate his marriage to Celine and William is going to join. Except Will catches sight of a fine young mayor; Damien.
Who killed Markiplier? by whisperr_evean
Who killed Markiplier?by be quiet
This will contain 'Who killed Markiplier' explained and possible theories and other random stuff. Information on the characters and fun stuff like that.
It's just a Theory, a YouTube Theory by Fee-Fa
It's just a Theory, a YouTube Fee-Fa / Kee-Ka
Looking For Hazel Grace by megapp34
Looking For Hazel Graceby Megan Hope
Hazel Grace is a terminal lung cancer victim, recovering from the lost of her boyfriend and also amputee. She goes off to Culver Creek Boarding School to try and recover...
nosebleed || markiplier ✕  egos by gronchydudes
nosebleed || markiplier ✕ egosby 《 ANDROID 》
ONE-SHOT BOOK of mark and his alternate egos. this book'll be filled with mark x egos, or ego x ego. will i do lemons? no. limes? possibly. gorey stuff? yes. cuss? obv...
the fight for sanity by heckiplier
the fight for sanityby heckiplier
dark still isn't completely in control of the two souls he has prisoner. damien is completely lost and terrified, the seer is quiet. the colonel has lost his mind, and s...
Forgetting and Missing by amphoenix
Forgetting and Missingby A. M. Phoenix
LOOKING FOR ALASKA by John Green is one of my favorite books. Pudge and the Colonel is one of my favorite pairings. I'm sorry, world. Here's a short something of what...
Two darks: wkm AU by Us3rUnknown12
Two darks: wkm AUby That.tired.person.
(Ooc: up to interpretation if this is an x reader or not.) Dear god.... How could this have happened... 'I saw him just a few days ago...' they thought, unsure what to d...
The 2nd Darkiplier (DISCONTINUED) by Undertale_Fan_Ultra
The 2nd Darkiplier (DISCONTINUED)by Undertale_Fan_Ultra
This is my original Fan-Made Markiplier Story, in witch Abe (The Detective), Wilford Warfstache (The Colonel), and both Damien (The Mayor) and Celine (The sorceress), as...
Missing Pieces (Mark/Egos x Reader) by Fan714
Missing Pieces (Mark/Egos x Reader)by Fan714
Who killed Markiplier? Where did William and Damien run off to? What about Abe? Is the mansion still there? How have things changed since then? It's been a long time sin...