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the ghost and Molly McGee twin brother  by JamieHernandez614
the ghost and Molly McGee twin Jamie Hernandez
the ghost name scratch curse Molly and her twin brother Janie what kind of adventure they have stay tuned
The Ghost and Eric McGee by KinghammerPublishing
The Ghost and Eric McGeeby Kinghammer Johnson
What if Molly was a Ghost and Scratch was the human? The tables are turned as these two besties switch lives and afterlives in this Swap AU of Disney Channel's newest su...
The Ghost and Libby Stein-Torres by Kittycorn2000
The Ghost and Libby Stein-Torresby Kittycorn2000
What if Jinx managed to kill Molly at the end of The Jig is Up? When Molly's life came to a sudden end, her ghost paid Libby a visit to confess her love for her best fri...
The Curse-iversary (The Ghost and Molly Mcgee) by Shana123251
The Curse-iversary (The Ghost Shana
One year ago...a little girl met a grumpy ghost. In a feeble attempt to scare the girl away, the ghost cursed her, saying that he'd haunt her all her days! But the curse...
The curse of Molly McGee by Blootac74-recovery
The curse of Molly McGeeby Mamma mia!
Basically just Molly has her first period and her friends handle it with varying levels of competency Cw: mild, but Scratch refers to periods as 'lady problems'. The aut...
The Ghost and Molly McGee X Male Reader Oneshots by asteroidbelt38
The Ghost and Molly McGee X Male asteroidbelt38
This is my first time making oneshots for characters, some of them may be a little short but I'll improve
Amphibia & The Ghost and Molly Mcgee oneshots by kanqkkki
Amphibia & The Ghost and Molly Kanqki
Requests are open Possibly smuts, only 18+ characters (not anne, marcy, libby ect.) This is my first fanfic so sorry if its bad heheeh The cover is mine
Love letters by Blootac74-recovery
Love lettersby Mamma mia!
Cliche love stories my beloved
Scratch the Ghost Blob (The Ghost and Molly Mcgee) by Shana123251
Scratch the Ghost Blob (The Shana
(I don't own the Ghost and Molly Mcgee, it's characters or songs. And don't worry, nobody gets seriously harmed in the story, people just get frightened. Slight friendsh...
 Holding down the Oval fort by 0valeyes
Holding down the Oval fortby 0valeyes
Another new volume in the oval Memoir series features new file entry and updates. illustrations by yours truly just to fill the pages between planned fall entries at la...
Shelter  by thetrollslover
Shelter by Mal
a sickfic. Molly wakes up feeling awful and tries pushing through it only to fail miserably halfway through the day. Luckily Ollie is there for her. OR Molly's body choo...
Mollibby Dump by donleur
Mollibby Dumpby lando
Fun, Cute, Scary, and Thought Provoking stories featuring my new OTP from Disney's new animated show "The Ghost and Molly McGee" Mainly Molly x Libby ships! bo...
A Minecraft SMP Idea by KadenVanciel
A Minecraft SMP Ideaby Kaden Vanciel
An idea I thought of for a Minecraft SMP. Cover image created by Reddit user u/Cold_Imagination.
Molly & The Phantoms  by thetrollslover
Molly & The Phantoms by Mal
jatp x tgamm AU Molly finds her passion for music and life while helping the ghosts of the 90s band, Sunset Curve become that they were never able to be. (Cover is a WIP)
Incorrect Quotes + Memes (The Owl House, Amphibia, Gravity Falls, and More) by NonBinaryWaffle
Incorrect Quotes + Memes (The .・゜-: ✧☾ 𝕎𝕒𝕗𝕗𝕝𝕖 ☽✧ :-゜・.
Exactly what it sounds like. Incorrect quotes from basically all the shows I watch. Enjoy. Will probably post one or two a day maybe more if I'm extremely bored. I ho...
mollibby bc why not? by chickfila_macncheese
mollibby bc why not?by libbyobsessed_lesbian
ok sooo, I made this story for fun bc I love tgamm a lot.. warning: this story contains Oliver 😰
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A New Beginning of Our Lives by Kittycorn2000
A New Beginning of Our Livesby Kittycorn2000
Sequel to More Than Just Friends. After spending their first summer as girlfriends, Molly and Libby were excited for a new beginning of their lives when they are about t...
The Ghost Hero Of Brighton by Kinghero2001
The Ghost Hero Of Brightonby Kinghero2001
Y/N L/N is a Human-Ghost hybrid who has the responsibility of protecting the town of Brighton from ghosts.
Sharkie McGee: Baby Ghost Shark!  by Shana123251
Sharkie McGee: Baby Ghost Shark! by Shana
This little guy is just too cute! I can't believe there aren't any fanfictions about this little guy yet! So, I'm gonna make some! (Can't Molly McGee Guarantee that I'l...