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Star Trek Imagines by seeyouscotty
Star Trek Imaginesby seeyouscotty
A collection of one shots and imagines for any and every character from the Star Trek franchise. If you do read, I sincerely hope you enjoy what I've written! 🖖🏻
LIGHT-YEARS AWAY (Data x Reader) // Star Trek by RoseLilyQuill
LIGHT-YEARS AWAY (Data x Reader) Rose Quill
Home to you was always on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) with your closest friend, Dr.Mccoy, and captain James T. Kirk. But due to a mishap, you have found yourself on th...
A Captain And A Madman by RazielZonoran
A Captain And A Madmanby Joel O'Connor
En route to an urgent humanitarian mission, the U.S.S. Enterprise D stumbles upon a strange sight; a blue, wooden box stranded in the middle of Federation territory, mot...
Watching the Future by mlpforeverinmyheart
Watching the Futureby SouthernApple
Tsunade's jaw dropped at the sight of their unplanned visitor. Inside her office now stood The sage of the six paths, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. She wanted to question why he w...
"Best Of Both Worlds Part Three" A Star Trek TNG-Lower Decks Story by Sean_A_Star_Gazer
"Best Of Both Worlds Part Three" Sean Christian Wolslau-Holdren
Corbin DiFalco and the USS Sojourn investigate a temporal rift in space and are thrust forward in time by eleven years. An Orion Ship attempts to take Corbin and the shi...
Love Live School Idol Project: The Next Generation by AwesomeNinja1027
Love Live School Idol Project: Wilfredo M. Fernandez
Tsubasa Kira and Honoka Kousaka decided to join the police force after high school. They got married after three years in the service. Having been gifted with a beautifu...
Glee: The Next Generation by haleyandthejets
Glee: The Next Generationby Jazzie Hart
It has been 10 years since William McKinley High School first became a Arts school. This story will follow the lives of the New Glee Club members as they navigate throug...
Finally Here and Doing it Now by KrazyKenzie4
Finally Here and Doing it Nowby Mckenzie
All rights are to Paramount, I don't own the main content. Will and Deanna fell in love years ago, their relationship ending abruptly. But, following a brief period of r...
Moonlight Masquerade - An FTRS fanfic (DISCONTINUED) by TheAnalogyQueen
Moonlight Masquerade - An FTRS Queen of Love and Lavender
8 years later we see Gillian Cobbler and her friends who had graduated FTRS years ago and now most of them have jobs but something isn't right in Gilly's life. She is mi...
Glee: The Next Generation [Season 1] by kparker74
Glee: The Next Generation [ Katrina Ashlee(:
See what happens after the New Directions grow up. And there's a lot surprises in store. This is the season when Christina joins the Cheerios and then quits to spend mor...
The Experiment (Data x reader) by star_trek4ever
The Experiment (Data x reader)by star_trek4ever
You never suspected that you'd end up the role model of the Enterprise's resident android, but it turns out you're not as invisible as you once thought.
the art of trust|| the next step [2] by _Crystalights_
the art of trust|| the next step [ _Crystalights_
ON HOLD ✩❖❖✩ in which the next step comes home from a big win at internationals, the studio changes for the better as new additions make their way to the studio or in w...
Shifting Sands (A Star Trek: The Next Generation Fan Fiction) by SexyPicard
Shifting Sands (A Star Trek: The Sexy Picard
Book 1 of the Sandorian Trilogy. Tasha Lawrence is used to living on the run. As a shapeshifter, she was shunned on her home planet and forced to wander the stars, alway...
TNS Instagram  by beccahamilton15
TNS Instagram by beccahamilton15
Instagram book about the next step
The Girl Who Beat Death A Star Trek TNG Fanfic by Random_Trekkie1214
The Girl Who Beat Death A Star Saavik
Leah Smith was born November 16th, 2005 in New York. She committed suicide, however, in 2020. Her parents, not able to let her go, put her in cryogenic freeze. The pills...
The Many Musings of Albus Potter by english-rain
The Many Musings of Albus Potterby english-rain
"It must be amazing, having Harry Potter as your dad." "Well, if you like seeing Harry Potter in pink flannel pyjamas every morning. Sure." --- [not...
The Aftermath of Wolf 359 by Belanna_Torres
The Aftermath of Wolf 359by Belanna_Torres
This is a novel describing Picard's physical and emotional recovery after his assimilation by the Borg. Note: cover by Amber Case, Creative Commons
For the Love of Engineering (Wesley Crusher x Reader) | ✓ by celebrimbro
For the Love of Engineering ( Dínloth
Y/N is the daughter of Deanna Troi and is invited to become an acting ensign on the U.S.S. Enterprise. While in the bridge, she meets a young man about her age named Wes...
Happily Ever After At Downton-What Happened After The Finale by Phia628
Happily Ever After At Phia
This book is random little plot-lines and headcanons in chronological order that, combined, tell the story of what happened after the series finale. As Sybbie gets older...
Muggles meet hinny + oneshots  by oneshorts101
Muggles meet hinny + oneshots by oneshorts101
Stupid (and some smart) Muggles meet hinny aka harry and ginny Hope you enjoy❤️