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MESS | tb jk by dramioneskingdom
MESS | tb jkby judy
i think we'd make a lovely mess thomas barrow / jimmy kent
A Lady and her Footman (a Downton Abbey Fanfiction/Thomas Barrow) by ChloBell18
A Lady and her Footman (a MarvelNerd3,000
***ON HOLD*** In 1900 an Irish girl was adopted from an orphanage in Dublin by a family when she was six, she lived with them for 9 years until her home was burned to th...
The Maid and the Footman| Thomas Barrow by Void_VaLeSkA
The Maid and the Footman| Thomas Maiah Sheffield
When Mia Greythorn, escaping her past, gets a job at the famed Downton Abbey, she is ready to start anew. As she begins to fit in and get to know the downstairs staff, s...
Rebellious | Tom Branson by Rainbow-Candy
Rebellious | Tom Bransonby Rainbow-Candy
When the youngest Crawley sister falls in love with the chauffeur trouble ensues.
Come Back To Me by SherlockBarrow
Come Back To Meby SherlockBarrow
Thomas is going to war and his lover is worried sick about him. He tries to make her feel better. Downtown abbey fanfic ! Tomas/FemaleOC ! It's a OS, I could do more if...
Drawn to You [Downton Abbey] by PurpleKorea134
Drawn to You [Downton Abbey]by Amanda Palmer
Downton Abbey footman Thomas Barrow is a horribly misunderstood human being, mainly because he is a gay man living in early-twentieth century England. His life suddenly...
// Downton Abbey x Peaky Blinders crossover // by Mhm888
// Downton Abbey x Peaky luci
Naomi Shelby, the new maid at Downton Abbey. It's safe to say she has a past she would like to get away from, even though she loves her family, but it can always get a b...
Thomas and the Duke by thecitizencame
Thomas and the Dukeby Politicalpenetration
A story imagining the summer which the duke of Crowborough and Thomas Barrow spent together.
Consume (Downton Abbey/Vampire AU) by now-you-will-fall
Consume (Downton Abbey/Vampire AU)by now-you-will-fall
Vampire AU: Thomas Barrow, a lonely vampire, sends his friend Edward Courtenay (a blind ghost) to find a victim, a sort of plaything, for him to feed off of. He accident...
Come Back To Me - A Thomas Barrow fanfiction by SherlockBarrow
Come Back To Me - A Thomas SherlockBarrow
After a painful past, A head housemaid, Gabrielle, meets the mysterious Thomas Barrow. Could it be more than just a strong friendship?
Not Another Footman  by Kate_Joann
Not Another Footman by Kate_Joann
Would Thomas Barrow, the homosexual footman, be willing to change his entire life for a silly kitchen maid?
Princess Darrel Crawley | A Downton Abbey Fanfiction by Writographer
Princess Darrel Crawley | A The_Writographer
"14 years ago...I had an affair with Lord Grantham. You are not Lady Grantham's child." "We just want you to know that the whole of England will be yours...
Mabel | Downton Abbey by -dancingunicorns
Mabel | Downton Abbeyby -dancingunicorns
"My family is full of gypsies. Don't you talk to me about not understanding about society." "You're a gypsy? That explains so much." Mabel Shelby got...
Forbidden: A Downton Abbey Fanfic by MoriartysHolmie
Forbidden: A Downton Abbey Fanficby MoriartysHolmie
Following the life of Thomas Barrow of Downton Abbey. What will happen when Thomas meets Daniel O'Connor, the new chauffeur of Downton? Will he fall for him? or better y...
The footman & the maid by Obessedwithstories
The footman & the maidby Obessedwithstories
I am going to rewrite this for the third time but this time start fresh.
Downton Abbey Fanfiction by SaskatFishcakes
Downton Abbey Fanfictionby Unicorn Countess
Set after series 5. A night out with Mr Bricker makes Cora call the value of her marriage and her love for Robert into question. Meanwhile Mary continues to search for l...
Branson & Barrow Go To New York by justdownton
Branson & Barrow Go To New Yorkby happywriter
This is based on a hilarious interview that Rob&Allen did with Tatler. When asked their dream storyline, this was it. I plan to make it happen no matter how unsuccessful...
Precious Moments by reason-and-light
Precious Momentsby reason-and-light
Thomas Barrow and Master George share their memories about George's father.