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The Art Of War by DaynaYorkie
The Art Of Warby Dayna<333
The Art Of War by Sun Tsu- This book will mention quotes from the book called art of war witten by sun tsu.
The Ember Thief by adxeventide
The Ember Thiefby adxeventide
War is outlawed. The great houses now challenge for territories by putting forward their best champions, known as Chimeras, to compete in the brutal Quintail tournament...
To my bestfriend  by Sahdarshan
To my bestfriend by Darsh
I'm no poet or writer. these are just my thoughts.. and it's for my best friend. if you like them. thank you in advance. a book for you Bhai. Aadi. you are important and...
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Bright Eyes by _lazarein
Bright Eyesby lazarein
Like every other high school, the students of Ravenwood Academy know nothing more beyond the world of their own teenage lives -- a world of classes to pass, social reput...
Food For Thoughts by reader_SecretAgent
Food For Thoughtsby D_R
It's our capability to think which, makes us human. And, contradiction in these thoughts which, make us individuals with different ideas. Through this book, I'd like to...
Entwined by sane_is_inane
Entwinedby morally_Gray
"I don't want your trust. I only want you to keep me." °°°°°° In this world nothing matters or maybe it does but Qiza does not care about anyone or anything, s...
Bubbles in a Sea of Foam by an_absurd_existence
Bubbles in a Sea of Foamby Tristan
*WIP!* Where do we come from? What is Truth? Who can we trust? 1,000 years in the future, young historian Konni and merchant Jax must answer these questions as they navi...
READ  & OBEY by ZzzokletsgoItsnightt
READ & OBEYby Zzzokletsgo. Itsnighttime
a guide on how to fuck yourself ;)
This actually isn't a book but a portal into the life of love, pain, regrets, joy, and other emotions of soul poet.This portal takes you to a world of poetry all written...
Somnolence - III *Editing* by Frostbitten_veins
Somnolence - III *Editing*by Cat ♡
Let me tell you, Why I can't sleep at night. From Faded feelings and Empty Thoughts, came a deep somnolence .. where I desired to rest for an eternity. | book is proba...
Making Sense of It: Sukka (on hiatus) by octobermango
Making Sense of It: Sukka (on octobermango
Sokka's life is a mess. His girlfriend died a year ago, he's not getting into his dream school, and he's constantly overshadowed by his younger sister. Frankly, he's jus...
Motivational Short Stories by 14joycee
Motivational Short Storiesby 14joycee
Here are some short stories to help motivate and inspire you. They are important life lessons and highlight how to live a simple, joyful and fulfilling life. They are th...
101 Dalmatian Street, the prequel by BarbouilleP
101 Dalmatian Street, the prequelby Barbouille Pierre
Follow the beloved dalmatian family through new adventures!
the veiled lady/hailstones between my teeth by rayaisntreal
the veiled lady/hailstones raya marquist doesn't exist
there is nothing out there there is nothing beyond this here this is it *** 12/16/23 first book of poetry there is nothing beyond
Irreparable; Unordinary (What if) by -MadWhale-
Irreparable; Unordinary (What if)by Matticus Orca Rio
This is a Fanfic of the webtoon story Unordinary. Begins after Remi and John's argument. Showcasing the worst possible outcome that could of occurred if the characters c...
Wattpad Pet Peeves by nessiewashere
Wattpad Pet Peevesby 💎Vanessa💎
Your favorite unqualified English teacher is back! Get ready for rants, rambling, random writing advice, and lots and LOTS of Wattpad pet peeves! If you've read and enjo...
Pudicha Eduthukonga Pidikalana Vitudunga ✔ by TaleTeller_01
Pudicha Eduthukonga Pidikalana TaleTeller
Ithu story nu nenachi padika vanthiingana I'm very very sorry.... this is not a story.... intha platform enakku manasika padratha apadiey oru karutha nungalukku share pa...
I Fell In Love With A Narcissist by triciiwrites
I Fell In Love With A Narcissistby Patrice Simpson
Falling in love with a narcissist can be an emotionally draining experience that can leave you feeling like you've lost your sense of self. But remember, life doesn't st...
Mollibby Dump by donleur
Mollibby Dumpby lando
Fun, Cute, Scary, and Thought Provoking stories featuring my new OTP from Disney's new animated show "The Ghost and Molly McGee" Mainly Molly x Libby ships! bo...