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A Little Trip Through a Diary / The Basilisk
(Best ranking: #1 in TOMIONE and #1 in GRANGER) Hermione finds Tom Riddle's diary in the library and, intrigued, she picks it up, only to find herself falling through to...
Behind Every Pretty Face Is A Demon | Tom and Hermione by lakumi
Behind Every Pretty Face Is A lakumi
"There are things that you don't need to know, things you couldn't accept. He's a monster, a murderer, that is."
Veal & Venison {Tomione || 1940s/1990s} by Patagonian
Veal & Venison {Tomione || 1940s/ Fletcher
#180 in Fanfiction || #1 in Hermione || In the language of literature, there exists a seemingly-concrete, antonymous relationship between good and evil, light and dark...
The Charm of a Riddle (tomione) by booksnooksandcoffee
The Charm of a Riddle (tomione)by booksnooksandcoffee
Hermione Granger travels back in time by mistake. All she wants is to return as quickly as possible, to her sixth year at Hogwarts. Unfortunately she runs into Tom Rid...
Hermione Riddle by TheRealMalfoyHeir
Hermione Riddleby ✞︎𝕮𝖍𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖘𝖞✞︎
Hermione Granger finds out something important about her past. She isn't a Granger. how will she transition to her new life?
Phoenix Flame by Thunderbirdpride
Phoenix Flameby Thunderbirdpride
Hermione finds out she possesses a power that the whole wizarding world is afraid of, and the Ministry of magic trying to keep it locked away. What happens when the Dar...
Pure by rememberme525600
Pureby rememberme525600
a sword, a boggart, a phoenix, A Psychopathic Future Dark Wizard? As Hermione Granger is starting her sixth year at Hogwarts, she accidentally travels to the pa...
Tom's obsession with his professor by YourL0rd
Tom's obsession with his professorby YourL0rd
Tom Riddle's obsession with his slytherin DADA professor Granger grows more and more dangerously darker every year. year 1-3 Tom sees hermione as a mother figure he neve...
Turning back time by AscendingAngel12
Turning back timeby Ascending Angel
Hermione goes into the past accompanied by Harry and Draco and Ginny in order to stop Tom Riddle from becoming Voldemort. Tom becomes intrigued with Hermione, and he beg...
Timeless Magic(Tomione Fanfic) by Luer_Sabilla77
Timeless Magic(Tomione Fanfic)by Luer Sabilla
Before Voldemort killed Harry, Hermione came but something went wrong. The spell didnt just hit Hermione but also the time turner she wear. The time turner and Hermione...
Estudios muggles (editando) by brujildasherezade
Estudios muggles (editando)by brujildasherezade
En un universo paralelo... En donde Hermione Granger viaja al pasado... ¿Para cambiarlo todo? Tomo los personajes de Harry Potter solo por divertirme. No gano nada, pero...
Primum non Nocere (Tomione) by crtlqmrino
Primum non Nocere (Tomione)by ctrlqmrino
primum non nocere ; above all, do no harm. 1998, January, Voldemort's raging on. Ron has left their little runaway band and they soon have news that the entire weasley f...
Granger? No, Malfoy. A Tomione Story by KatherineMalfoy394
Granger? No, Malfoy. A Tomione Katherine Malfoy
Hermione hated Voldemort. He killed her best friend's parents. Or did he?
Heart by Storm by autumnmoonlight_
Heart by Stormby Sarah St-Jean
A Tom Riddle and Hermione Granger alternate universe fanfiction set in his 6th year. If it goes well, This is a planned 3-4 book series called The distant Time Traveler...
Getting Arranged|| Tom Riddle  by yottielove
Getting Arranged|| Tom Riddle by yottielove
During Riddle's reign to immortality, he is hit with a complication. Due to the loss of population caused from the last battle with Grindlewald, the ministry has come up...
Taming The Serpent [Tom Riddle/Tomione] by ShawtsHood
Taming The Serpent [Tom Riddle/ Slytherin Princess
Hermione Jean Granger becomes the chosen one instead, as she finds herself travelling back in time to Tom Riddle's 6th year at Hogwarts, after Harry's Prophecy Dream. Du...
Mistress of Magic  by Platform9and3qts
Mistress of Magic by Platform9and3qts
Mistress of Magic Basic Plot Theme: Time-Turner/Tom Riddle Era Ships/Pairings: Dramione/Tomione Canon: No Original Characters: No Triggers: Torture and Violence *******...
Tomione  Saving Time by theottshipper
Tomione Saving Timeby ott
Once Hermione realises that they have lost the battle after her loved ones have been killed, she only has one last option that could save them all. The time turner. Howe...
Krótkie historie związane z Harry'm Potter'em oraz innymi książkami i filmami. Głównie pairingi, ale nie tylko ;)