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Tomtord one-shots (SLOW UPDATES) by kokichi-cho
Tomtord one-shots (SLOW UPDATES)by </3
⛔ TW: most of these are rushed and cringe. First time writing sorry about that m8 😔 ⛔ Cover art by: jazzy_does_artz on instagram Link:
TomxTord Smut!  by XJordanxXxTaylorX
TomxTord Smut! by Jordan Taylor
This is a smut/nsfw story between Tom and Tord. Also, all four of them are room mates because the whole ending of eddsworld never happend. (Btw dom Tord)
INSOMNIAC||•Tomtord  by onionlion
INSOMNIAC||•Tomtord by onionlion
Tord is an insomniac with his late night terrors that keeps him up late, and when Tom accidentally finds out about this, he decides to help Tord out. After all, they're...
Strawberry Panic {TomTord} by god-wont-answer
Strawberry Panic {TomTord}by Time is fake and you are valid
Tom wasn't good at a lot of things; keeping friends, being nice, staying sober? Nah, forget it. But dressing up and pretending to be a girl? Now that might be something...
Teach me, love  by Skuffelse
Teach me, love by Skuffelse
I can teach you how to say 'I love you'. But I can't teach you to mean it. - Based on skimson's tordtom highschool AU. Artwork: senya-sucks on tumblr
Who are you? (TomTord) by Sweety1635
Who are you? (TomTord)by Sweety Cake 1635
(After The End) Tord woke up on the hill, his head hurting. He was just laying on the ground in pain coming from his face and his arm. He found out he couldn't see out o...
Are you crazy? (TordTom/TomTord) by tiller54321
Are you crazy? (TordTom/TomTord)by Tiller
( Warning: Fluff and Smut) This is kinda based on my video "Sociopath" (i have a youtube-channel called "Pinky Tiller" if you wanna watch the video)...
Poison (TordTom) by -YOURMOTHPIMP-
Poison (TordTom)by ~VALENTINO~
Tord is living with Edd, Matt, and Tom yet again. Tom doesn't trust him, and it's going to take a lot to gain Tom's trust. Will Tord find a way to build a friendship bet...
Don't let the monster come out [Future Tomtord] by EmberPotato
Don't let the monster come out [ Ember
This is after the accident a few years later tord ruins Toms vision and gives him new sight bc tom would be useless other wise to him. Tord is the red army leader. He fe...
Capes and Crowns. (TomTord Royalty AU) by bigdum69420
Capes and Crowns. (TomTord ✿Lamer✿
Their fates were sealed the moment they were born. Tom was a cursed prince, and Tord was going to be the king. Neither of them was fit for their supposed destinies, but...
You Can't Hide(Tomtord)  by FUCKOFFARSONISTG
You Can't Hide(Tomtord) by Dead Account
What would you do if the person you cared most about ran away from you? Blue Leader could easily answer that question-anything at all cost. Anything at all. Warning: •Go...
Eddsworld one shots (FINISHED) by sapphicdaydreams
Eddsworld one shots (FINISHED)by Adrian
stop requesting you fucks it says the book is over
Don't say a word (TomTord Highschool AU) by Sweety1635
Don't say a word (TomTord Sweety Cake 1635
Tord moved all the way from Norway to start a new life. Kids in his old school were bullying him so his parents, Paul and Patryck decided to help him. Tord was still get...
Tord Returns : TomXTord  •{completed}• by _dragon_lord_
Tord Returns : TomXTord •{ _dragon_lord_
This is a tom x tord story :3 if you want another book of a different ship. Then just ask me
TomTord Oneshots by KalashniKuksuger
TomTord Oneshotsby bigby
♡|Nora tomtord experiment child|♡(comic) by mixxgirll
♡|Nora tomtord experiment child|♡( mixxgirll
what if tom and tord have a child? what if this "child" is half monster and has never seen the outside before because she's a experiment? comic made by: me (@...
Under No Circumstances | TomTord by immasksy
Under No Circumstances | TomTordby xenohesis
"What the fuck is this?" The entire world has been falling under the rule of the red army, and Tom has been dragged into Tord's shenanigans. Through this long...
Here Comes A Thought by Spottedfire-Windclan
Here Comes A Thoughtby Spottedfire-Windclan
Tom and Tord used to date as well as fuse to create Torm. Now after five years apart after a bad break-up, the two come together again to help out Edd. What will this r...
What our future holds //tomtord// by im_depressed_help
What our future holds //tomtord//by シ︎𝙳𝚁𝚄𝙽𝙺シ︎
[REWRITING!] The end began and Tom hated it. He has done many things that the red leader commanded like killing innocent people every war, threatened every humans in si...