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Demoted To An Omega by Honey_Bee_Hive_
Demoted To An Omegaby Honey_Bee_Hive_
**EXCERPT FROM THE STORY** "As the new Alpha of vengeful eyed pack,I thereby pass my first judgment on Ciara Acacia Jones,You are therefore demoted to an omega.&quo...
Terrified (Terrifier Fanfiction) by MindOnJupiter
Terrified (Terrifier Fanfiction)by Taran Kelsey
After a long shift from work Minnie Blake would like nothing more than to go home. Instead she comes across a silent clown who is determined to cause pain and torment wh...
LET ME HATE YOU by AnjaaniSadek
LET ME HATE YOUby Anjaani R Sadek
Ever wonder how your supposed best day of life will turn into a lifelong nightmare. Two people, two different worlds yet bound by the same emotion, "HATE" and...
Rimuru in Akame Ga Kill [Book 1] by alexkuhar360
Rimuru in Akame Ga Kill [Book 1]by Alex
this will be a not op Rimuru story where he goes to the World of Akame Ga Kill and will be the main character. there will be Pov shifts mainly between Rimuru, Akame, and...
She ra and the tortured mind by valour17159
She ra and the tortured mindby Valour Tata
Y/n was best friends of Adora's and Catra's before they left without him in the hoard with Shadow Weaver where she mentally tortured him. Will Adora and Catra rescue...
Hidden by AliciaMarino
Hiddenby Alicia
Emma Simone, walks into a New York theatre, tasked with the importance of acquiring an interview with a conductor, the Maestro of the evening. He's known for his adorati...
She Will Persist by dragonflyashes
She Will Persistby dragonflyashes
"I'm not feisty I just don't care for people's shit." Adira Bowman is an ex- mind-controlled assassin who got herself captured by a secret all-boys spy agency...
Ahsoka: Grave Danger by AhsokaTanoJedi
Ahsoka: Grave Dangerby AhsokaTanoJedi
What would have happened if Ahsoka found out about Palpatines plan before it happened? What if Ahsoka found out about Barris' plan before she was framed? What will happe...
The Lost Son by sleepy_tablesalt
The Lost Sonby Sodium Yttrium
Based on the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mikey was captured by the kraang when he, his brothers, and Splinter were mutated. While splinter was taking the turtles...
Fixation ∣∣ Tom Riddle x Reader [With Images] by qatbell
Fixation ∣∣ Tom Riddle x Reader [ Qat
❝She, the enigmatic force that has stirred my very soul, has driven me to the brink of madness. Her presence has led me astray from my lofty aspirations to rule the worl...
Viscious by Itara13
Visciousby Itara13
*cover image is not mine* After an unexpected divorce, Alina goes back to her hometown in search of a new place to call home. With a strict budget, and little wiggle r...
Saved By The Bad Boy by Kamm_Jamison
Saved By The Bad Boyby Kamm
She had everything she never wanted and he had everything he ever wanted. Scared. Beaten. Barely loved. Brave. Reckless. Adored. Can these two worlds meet?
All The Damaged Ones by authorjoy
All The Damaged Onesby Tatiana
"I'm sorry." I was quick to apologize remembering my manners, he looked at me for a moment, his staring was. so intense, I had to look away. "It doesn't h...
[ QT ] Heal The Demon by Unluckykuroneko
[ QT ] Heal The Demonby Riki Kurotsuki
Rong Wan broke into a cruel and sweet world, and needed to complete the love game with the devil. The handsome and invincible great demon was chased and beaten by every...
The Fallen World by Frencore
The Fallen Worldby
40 years after a catastrophic event, a wolf named Darwin Gray embarks on a long, dangerous, and merciless journey in the post-apocalypse for helping his friend come back...
a stranger from hell by Twicecvxster
a stranger from hellby Twicecvxster
Yoon Y/N is a newcomer to an old residence in Seoul. She meets weirdos and creeps, but one sticks out to her, Seo Moonjo, seems nice enough...I think This is an x reader...
Dear Bully (UNEDITED) by bvtterflyeffect
Dear Bully (UNEDITED)by | a.a |
Anjana is a normal school girl, content with the life she was given. She is determined to make the last year of high school the best, as she tries to make friends and no...
One last time by Ice_Kitsune4801
One last timeby Ice_Kitsune4801
Naruto was diagnosed with a rare disease that was slowly killing him but he told no one because... Because he didn't want to burden anyone with his silly problems. No on...
Twins Separated By Fate... by lovindiee
Twins Separated By Lovindie
Izumi and izuku are twins their father is the number 1 hero 'Symbol of peace' yea it was that till the twins went to the quirk doctor and finding out Izuku doesn't have...
Threats and happiness  by never-eat-pears
Threats and happiness by Florence
After the war Hermione finds herself lost and damaged with no one to turn to. Harry is also struggling, but together can they help heal one another and in the meantime...