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So, Now You Want Me? by 24_7_dreamer
So, Now You Want Me?by 24_7_dreamer
After years of being abused, Diamond is rejected and runs away from her pack. She is taken in by another pack and after six months she has to return. What happens when s...
Silenced by Kheinnox
Silencedby Kheinnox
#4 of the Blessed Moon Sequel... its supposed to be 2.5 since this is the story of alexander and murens son but its much better to read warm thirst first to fill in the...
Kaiju Paradise and Facility of Redemption Oneshots by WillowWolf5548
Kaiju Paradise and Facility of WillowWolf
This book is based on the game Kaiju Paradise and another game Facility of Redemption, keep in mind there might be some Au stuff and quite a few ships(romantic and plato...
The Butterfly Effect  by Gogoup123
The Butterfly Effect by gogo
Peter hadn't have the greatest of lives, in fact, his life had been controlled by every woman he had ever known, and in a bad way. But one day, while is was out shopping...
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boy to 5 year old ballet princes by Serbob45
boy to 5 year old ballet princesby Serbob45
luke is a 15 year old guy that got transformed into little girl by neighbour the neighbour faked lukes death and when luke came to his house his neighbor told him that...
My Hero Experiments by Wolfboy939
My Hero Experimentsby Wolfboy
(My hero academia x lilo and stitch crossover) It was supposed to be a normal day at U.A, Izuku, Bakugo, kirishima and todoroki are somehow transported by a villain into...
Transformed [W&W Book 1] by NelleIvy
Transformed [W&W Book 1]by Nelle Ivy
Theresa and her sister Daphne flee from the magic of their wizardress aunt who has been controlling them and their inheritances for nearly as long as they can remember. ...
The Girl With the Cross by summer_sunshine316
The Girl With the Crossby summer
Tyler James is your typical bad boy. He has some daddy issues and he thinks that God is dead, a false hope that only dumb people fall into. Sarah Williams is the exact...
A fast-changing life by nathansasser
A fast-changing lifeby nathan sasser
"It's time, isn't it girl. Today I dawn my scales, spread my wings, and with you as my guide, fly." Nathan's life seemed profoundly complicated for a kid his a...
TFP one-shots by piggy_bank69
TFP one-shotsby Breanna
A bunch of one-shots from my books. Hopefully they'll be funny. And yeah, most of them will probably be from Transformed but that doesn't matter. *REQUESTS ARE OPEN* I d...
Cat Cuddles | Obey Me! Satan × Reader Fanfic by mikkai4
Cat Cuddles | Obey Me! Satan × Mikkai
You've been turned into a cat! This is Solomon's fault, but really, you shouldn't have eaten those cookies either... At least now you get to spend more time with Satan...
Gone Batty by Lilgrimmapple
Gone Battyby Anna
Due to a freak accident, Melody Hale is turned into a silverwing and is dumped off in the perilous wilderness of Canada. She is lucky enough to befriend two kind bats, S...
A Gymnast's Symbiote by manfiestbound
A Gymnast's Symbioteby manfiestbound
What can a college gymnasts do with her power hungry inky ooze?
Death Brought Me To Life~ by Evenely
Death Brought Me To Life~by Evenely Obviously.....
What do you do when your parents try to keep you alive every time, when you’re sick? When all they do starts to fail and the person you grew up with kills you? Having to...
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BEING SUPERGIRLby Shreya Goswamy
#53 in action Heroes aren't what they seem.A collection of Superhero stories with a twist.
Cosmagic Kitchen: Jessie by PipsqueakUnbound
Cosmagic Kitchen: Jessieby PipsqueakUnbound
Jessie, Sydney and Melanie go to an event promoting trends in transformation retail. Now, they're set to magically become today's delicious dessert. Cosmagic Kitchen is...
The Lycaon Descendant by Syneypoo
The Lycaon Descendantby Sydney Janette
Not everyone is born a werewolf, Nyla Evans had to learn that the hard way. As she desperately searches for a cure, one question remains. Will she find it in time or w...
Minecraft: Transformed by Endergirl13782
Minecraft: Transformedby Endergirl13782
The evil squids have upraised and are attacking the people of Minecraftia. With the chosen ones, Team Crafted, and their friends, will they be able to defeat the evil k...
$tability: A Love $tory by notmorri
$tability: A Love $toryby IAMMORRI
A twisted love story. A pessimistic girl lives her life in misery, always engulfed in her own mind, going through life with no hope or aspiration for love. Unexpectedly...
The Eternal Gift by MENSCH69
The Eternal Giftby MENSCH
Set in modern times, in a quiet english village there lived a woman called Amelia. She lived with her mum and dad in an ordinary street, however Amelia was no ordinary d...