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Impudent [Jasper Hale] by aIive_
Impudent [Jasper Hale]by cura te ipsum 🇮🇱
❝I'd like to keep that instant and hold it still, forever and always.❞ [[book one]] [[twilight]] [[jasper hale a.u.]]
Trollhunters: Becoming by Wenber1234
Trollhunters: Becomingby Wenber
This fic takes place after the Rise of The Titans movie end. SPOILERS for those who haven't seen it yet!! . . . As far as Jim was concerned, things were going well! Well...
Conquerer of Daylight by Slogus
Conquerer of Daylightby WE HATE SLOGUS
Meet teenagers Jim Lake and Y/N L/N. Two great kids here in his small town called Arcadia. Although every day might be the same, go to school, do homework, and hang out...
Trollhunters: Never Alone by booklover4life99
Trollhunters: Never Aloneby booklover4life99
When Jim's older sister, Monica Lake, comes back from college, she is surprised to hear from her mother that Jim hasn't been himself lately. That he's been getting into...
Doki Doki (Todoroki Shouto x Reader)  by diavinity
Doki Doki (Todoroki Shouto x diamon
Half text fic and Half actual fic with a whole bunch of crack. You have a crush on Shouto so you find out his phone number to tell him. With Shouto playing sherlock for...
AAARRRGGHH!!! X Reader The Troll's Flower by Fury1416
AAARRRGGHH!!! X Reader The Troll' Kyra Black
An friendly, cheerful, kind and shy girl is how anyone would describe (Y/N). Living with adoptive family Toby and his Nana, her life has been simple so far. What will h...
Gunmar x reader by Mr_flamingprincess
Gunmar x readerby All updates will be in conver...
I couldn't find a single troll x reader for trollhunters. Just a Jim x and some Blaurghy, I was really looking for a troll x reader insert. So I just decided to make my...
Genshin Chatfic || by omanomanomi
Genshin Chatfic ||by a
Lumine and Aether decide to make a mistake- Add everyone into a group chat! What chaos unfolds? I don't know myself, I make it up as I go along-
BROPPY: Human by AnAwsomE
BROPPY: Humanby AnAwesomE
Not completed just discontinued This is a Broppy fanfiction when their human. It will start near the end if their school year (In 7th grade currently). Poppy is an over...
ᏴᎡᏆᏟKᎾᎡY ᏴᎾᎾK by xYuniconNijix
El arte de la portada le pertenece a Kiingcorobo En este libro encontraran Headcannons, one-shot, Quotes y Incorret-Quotes Había poco contenido de esta pareja en wattpa...
The Forbidden Hunter// Angor Rot x Reader by Miss__Raven
The Forbidden Hunter// Angor Rot Miss__Raven
As time once more repeats in a matter of one life, you plant your feet to stay on land before brought back to Hell. Dark as night and just as cold, his eyes defile you w...
Fandom memes! by Authorswrite123
Fandom memes!by Demigod of Rome and Greece
Memes, MEMES, M E M E S!!!
Danny Phantom One Shots by ForgottenPhantomz
Danny Phantom One Shotsby ForgottenPhantom
this is a side book that i am doing just for fun! It can be sad, angry, or happy in this story! And if you find any mistakes i am very sorry...I use the drag on the scre...
Gunmar's Blood by lilpil4000
Gunmar's Bloodby Lilpil4000
Bular wasn't the only child of Gunmar. There is another. His daughter. The one who saw the wrongs of her father. The one he experimented on.... tortured. The first Chan...
Broppy- Our Love by CatsSayMeow87
Broppy- Our Loveby Quirky_the_Dorky_Cat
OK I am not the best with romance so this is my first one. It about Branch and Poppy. This will take place before and after the movie. The art is not mine.
username ideas!  by cyberfanta
username ideas! by ☽
are you having trouble finding a good username? well, you've come to the right place! hopefully this helps :)
bNhA sMuTs  by thiccwaifuass
bNhA sMuTs by thiccwaifuass
"aw shit, here we go again."
BROPPY:Reverse Gender by AnAwsomE
BROPPY:Reverse Genderby AnAwesomE
Not completed just discontinued Creek, Branch, and Poppies gender changes to it's opposite gender. Practically re-creating the trolls movie