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Donald Trump Smut: HIM. by aquateens
Donald Trump Smut: HIM.by crack baby
Donald Trump X Reader [HIGHEST RANK: #1 IN #FURSONA] how could you resist his raggedy hair his wrinkly orange skin his whopping 2 centimeter peepee 4 in 5 Doctors Recom...
Am I Dreaming? [ An akitoya fanfic :D ] by vxper_ate
Am I Dreaming? [ An akitoya fanfic...by MEOW
As two close best friends, one has a weird romantical feeling towards the other, but is too scared to confess, let alone rejection.
wednesday x enid yum by deftonesong
wednesday x enid yumby lene💗
idk i just wrote this for fun so read it its so yum yum ❤️-fluff 💛-angst/sad 💜-smut😝 💚-other request me things pls ¡#5 in yummy out of 1,000+ stories! slow updates‼...
"You belong to me." (A Possessive Sasuke Uchiha x Reader) by KyeCoe
"You belong to me." (A Possessive...by ° 🎀 𝒞𝑒𝓇𝓉𝒾𝒻𝒾𝑒𝒹 𝒥�...
You, A new student at Hokage High, meets someone new. Sasuke Uchiha. You think you hate him.. but really.. you just can't resist him.
Najimi Osana x FEM!Reader by SouphaphoneInthirath
Najimi Osana x FEM!Readerby Isimpfor.weirdness7
A Komi Can't Communicate fanfic Najimi x Reader A little background info about our Y/n in here: FEM!Reader, artist, painter, mostly alone, and usually quiet. So basicall...
My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
Jinx x Reader《I'll Never Leave You》 by Birdbugxo123
Jinx x Reader《I'll Never Leave You》by Birdbugxo123
This is based off my arcane Dr that I'm shifting to. You where taken in by Vander along with Vi and Powder. You became best friends with both of them and maybe developed...
Becoming a Family (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction) by MegNCISLover
Becoming a Family (Percy Jackson F...by Meg Somerhalder
Newly weds, Percy and Annabeth are about to get the shock of a lifetime. The exciting moment when you find out you're expecting. Being young, and just married; Annabeth...
*True Blood*(Normal or not? [An Eric Northman story]) by Vicki_Mayhem
*True Blood*(Normal or not? [An Er...by Vicki_Mayhem
Disclaimer: I do not own true blood! so this story is about the very sexy Eric Northman whos very cocky and insensitive (Watch True Blood!) well im not going to give awa...
PrettyMuch Smut And Imagines by ibelongtodaveeast
PrettyMuch Smut And Imaginesby gigi😍
you read the title lol, enjoy 🙈❤️
C'est La Vie by esmerelda101
C'est La Vieby Esmerelda
Two girls from different backrounds meet to uncover the attempted murder of the king. Little do they know that it goes much deeper than they think. this was a collab wit...
A Hungry Need by HERlovee
A Hungry Needby HERlovee
MATURE "I hadn't realized that at some point in the night my jacket had unzipped and my full breasts were spilling out my lace bra. As I went to adjust them, I hear...
Blue lock one shots and SMUT'S! by ilovekabuto2006
Blue lock one shots and SMUT'S!by ilovekabuto2006
How i ended up, with this guy by 0i_shi
How i ended up, with this guyby 🍜🤤
Mo guan shan (omega/redhead) and He tian (alpha/bigdaddyvibe) are childhood friends , even though as much as lil mo despises him he'll still stay with him or is it just...
Rin X Haru one shots by cathy_likes_stuff
Rin X Haru one shotsby Cathy_likes_writing
Got ya'll and nice combo of smut and fluff. May want to warn you that I am bad at timing so sorry. Hope you enjoy.
Nasibak Ni Insan (Book 1) by simpler_reader
Nasibak Ni Insan (Book 1)by simpler_reader
Nasibak Ni Insan (Book 1) M2M Story about Erotic Romance. Warning : This story contains themes that is not suitable for young readers particularly 18 years old and below...
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daddy jay by itsjaypark
daddy jayby gone
"dick." cover by: @sonchaechae
c00ch13 by PhatLesbian
c00ch13by uglybbg
rodrick heffley is a little wonky
Call me Daddy Ramsay by bIushingmoon
Call me Daddy Ramsayby bIushingmoon
Y/N loved cooking. She got an internship with Gordon Ramsay. One day, Y/N sees Gordon Ramsay and she stares in awe. That day is the day Y/N fell in love with Gordon Rams...