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The kid of Tumbleweed (RDR2) by Arch-Angel-Ollie
The kid of Tumbleweed (RDR2)by Arch-Angel-Ollie
The young Duke's world crumbles to the ground after finding out his father was murdered on his way to the bank to pay of debt. Duke has to take care of himself all the w...
I HATE MY LOVE. by shafhz_
I HATE MY LOVE.by shafaa duatirta sari
hai .. ketika wanita yang susah mencari pasangan dan mencurahkan hati , saat hati tidak karuan . saat cinta jauh tak ada . maka disinilah curhatan itu akan dia tuliskan...
Meet Me By The Tumbleweeds by tidmore
Meet Me By The Tumbleweedsby R.E.S.
See what unfold between a farmer's son and a rancher's draught, and how they grow from young adults, to thriving adult figures in the community were they are faced with...
Tumbleweed by ScarletHearts
Tumbleweedby ♥ 愛しています ♥
Hailee Trucewell has a secret. She loves writing and dreams of becoming a best-selling author. One afternoon, a mysterious Voodoo shop sold her a magical black book wit...
Mythalania (book #1-the fairies portal) by Queen_14_40
Mythalania (book #1-the fairies po...by Queen_14_40
Tiffany is a lonely high school girl, who soon fully discovers the land of magic and fantasy. Filled with magical creatures, Tiffany learns the powers of magic and fight...
Simon's  first porn account  by hiddensugarcubes
Simon's first porn account by 0
Simon downloaded Tumblr two months ago... it's about time a good ol porn blog started following him.
Less than the Dust. by BoohbahDaddi
Less than the Dust.by BoohbahDaddi
Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie are literally just tumbleweeds. That's it. That's the story.
Sandy and Stardust: A Sunnyweed Story (NO CRYING UNTIL THE ENDING!) by TheRealDrakeRedwing
Sandy and Stardust: A Sunnyweed St...by Supreme Overlord of FanWings...
Sunny feels like she will never find love. But it turns out that the one she is destined to find she has already met in dreams of beauty and light. (WARNING: CONTAINS HE...
Tumbleweed by dudeitsdanie
Tumbleweedby dee
For all the loves that drift away, and seem to always come back again...a tribute to all my tumbleweeds blowing in the wind out there. ❤
Flos x Zeed x TumbleWeed by Kingassbuttcannibal
Flos x Zeed x TumbleWeedby Kingassbuttcannibal
A story of a stunning specimen called Flos that had captured the heart of a certain bearded vulture. Unfortunately for Flos there lurks a king fisher cowboy who is obses...
Tumblr Quotes by angelailjazi
Tumblr Quotesby Angela Iljazi
Hello everybody! I will show you some Tumblr Quotes in English, Espanol and Albanian! For more follow me on Tumblr : @alegnnaa #Kisses😘😘❤❤
Eternal  love by BmichK
Eternal loveby BmichK
there is this girl Emily who falls in love with a boy on her first day in dance class . Find out whether they will last long
The University of McPapel by respectalldonuts
The University of McPapelby respectalldonuts
Bryan Connors is a senior struggling to apply for colleges. However, when he receives a college magazine starring the University of McPapel, his struggles are forgotten...
Virgil's Paintbrush - Original Poetry Collection by MJParish
Virgil's Paintbrush - Original Poe...by MJ Parish
Sometimes you have to paint a picture with words because there's no other way to paint it.