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Renesmee's not the only one. by ObsessedWithTwilight
Renesmee's not the only Sav_teh_Unicorn
What if in breaking dawn Bella had 2 children. twins. Meet Allie Elizabeth Cullen. She was born after the venom was injected into Bella. Preview~ Renesmee screams in fe...
Only You ♥︎✅ by lost_beautyy
Only You ♥︎✅by 🌼
Something different✨a story of twins🖤 not gonna reveal much hehe🖤✨
twins love (kookgguk) by saba_100
twins love (kookgguk)by falak_taekook
"A cute, fluffy and obsessive love story of two identical twin brother" kook :- hyungie i like someone.... jeongguk :- ohh really, who is that person baby....*...
Slight Annoyance  | Hikaru& Kaoru Hitachiin by Neptune_8
Slight Annoyance | Hikaru& Meraki ♡
"No, you cannot hold our hands."
Twin Loves<3 Osatsumu 👬 by yaoiLovers01
Twin Loves<3 Osatsumu 👬by Yaoi Lovers
Osamu and Atsumu are twins. They are cold sometimes towards each other but still love their brothers. This is a story about how a twin brother bloom their love unexpecte...
The Russo's lost sister by DFPcutie
The Russo's lost sisterby DFPcutie
Valerie Shawn is a lovely and intelligent girl who has lived 7 years of her life in pure pain and agony . Living with an abusive father for nine long years of her life u...
All to Myself (Len X Rin) by ThatKinkyChick
All to Myself (Len X Rin)by Ash
This fanfic is a LenRin fanfic! In case you do not know them they are Vocaloids if you do not know what vocaloids are.. you are dead to me!! lol jk Pronunciation: Rin (R...
Eclosure by SwordQuill123
Eclosureby PhantomPhanatic
It's no secret that the De Villiers twins' relationship was strained to say the least. One was the prodigal son while the other was a vulgar, manic oddball. How Hawkmoth...
My Brother My Lover Oneshots by StanMuichiro
My Brother My Lover Oneshotsby 🤨
🥀My Brother My Lover oneshots for when you are bored!🥀 🥀The many mini stories of the sexy adventures between two twins, Armin and London🥀
the slytherin weasley | hp by w-onderdul
the slytherin weasley | hpby 𝖙𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖘𝖙
"I am cunning and ambitious. creative and resourceful. witty and prideful. I am not evil." clarissa fae weasley is one of the eight weasley kids. she may seem...
He Chose Me ✔✔ by LittleMariposaa
He Chose Me ✔✔by LittleBlackMamba08
Mia Hudson, the twin of Nia Hudson always had hots for Austin Lewis who is the son of the richest man in UK and America. Mia thinks that since she loved Austin first, Au...
THEIR LOVING TWINS 🥀🥀 (#taekook #vguk) by Lavbtsipurpleyou
THEIR LOVING TWINS 🥀🥀 ( Lavbtsipurpleyou
The love story of two twins 👬 BTS members as fictional characters 💜 Start : 24, March 2021. End :
It's sort of exciting, isn't it? Breaking the rules... - Elijah Donovaan Isaiah Donovaan
Kearah ❤️ by viamiha
Kearah ❤️by 💚
The Story of Us ~ Kearah and Raven: Kaven ❤ Dedicated to @thesunflowerlegacy aka my best friend until the end of time.
The twins (twincest) xxx by zyahh12
The twins (twincest) xxxby Lil Z thats me!
Jahseh and Jayden are twins who are 18 and are inlove with eachother Jayden who is innocent and sweet but very freaky and and clingy likes pain as in cuts burns Bits bu...
Im in Love with my twin! len×Rin * vocaloid * by firedreamer123
Im in Love with my twin! len×Rin * firedreamer123
I was at a concert And thats when i died and disapeared from the world.... Did i? correction: Tried to get killed by a banannas man AND i got in a severe comma and all...
Confused Artemis {SLOW UPDATES}  by safezneforyou
Confused Artemis {SLOW UPDATES} by cHеяяу
Mer and M have been living their lives as normal children until their seventeenth birthday when they begin to question their identities... A story of gods and goddesses...
The Twin Maids by LilyMae261
The Twin Maidsby Lils
Emily and Isabelle are twins living in 19th century England, their parents are bakers but the bakery hasnt been doing very well lately. They are forced to get a job at t...
Love Power Of Two by Girl15irresistible
Love Power Of Twoby Jelionne Kara
A story of a twins, where they both loved, cared, and pampered each other happily. Until a new boy in town appeared in their lives, that will turn their sweet relationsh...