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•∆ Countryhumans x Reader ∆• (Discontinued) by i-need-to-sleep
•∆ Countryhumans x Reader ∆• (Disc...by Abandoned account
WANT ANOTHER BOOK OF COUNTRYHUMANS X READER?! GOOD! HERE HAVE A NEW FRESHLY BAKED BOOK. Jdudgfiwgdiwbb But Author! You are working on other books! I Kn0w! But I do what...
Little Note (gxg) by laalaa23
Little Note (gxg)by laalaa23
Kodi Cooper deals with anxiety after an incident and has a son. Her parents own a multimillion dollar company and she just wants to live her dream of singing, but has to...
grofflin things by linsgreysweater
grofflin thingsby nico!
idk either tbh (there's a second book)
May I Ask? by WiltedWisp
May I Ask?by WiltedWisp
At the age of 43, Severus Snape came in to a creature inheritance. Of all the things that could go wrong in his life, he had to be an elf as well? After finding out he's...
UH OH, theme shop by ivysrot
UH OH, theme shopby 𖤍
"all of my friends know where to look everytime i go missin'." 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇, amani makes themes for you. do not steal themes made for others. make sure to g...
Diary of a Transmasc  by underscore_norg
Diary of a Transmasc by Noah
I don't even know what to say.....You know what...Just HAVE FUN & GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!! ~i'm not good with things like this~
Mr. Cowboy Boots ✭ BC Dave Miller/ William Afton x Reader by Anonymous_Vanny
Mr. Cowboy Boots ✭ BC Dave Miller...by vanana the banana
!!! I DO NOT SUPPORT THE CREATORS AT ALL!!! -I'm being serious for this story because yuh. Anyway, I do NOT support the creators. I made this for fun and because I was b...
Paper Hearts. by nogoodinthis
Paper Hearts.by Cheyenne Nicole
After Danielle breaks up with Liam and gets a new boyfriend the boys decide to take Liam out. After trying to get Liam out he finally agrees. At the club he meets Cassid...
(G)I-DLE IMAGINES  by xmoonlight_dahyunx
(G)I-DLE IMAGINES by Helly 💖
(G)I-DLE imagines book. I have three previous girl group imagine books BLACKPINK, Twice and ITZY. Please check out Soojin is included
🌞Sundrop x Moondrop🌚 •Fnaf• by Diamondisdum
🌞Sundrop x Moondrop🌚 •Fnaf•by Smol
Yes, In this story they are 2 different animatronics :) Got random inspiration to do this. If you don't like it please leave don't leave any hate. Also go read @banana_b...
Princess Justice ~ by ms0squish
Princess Justice ~by AT CHLOES HOUSE LEAVE ME ALON...
Hi this is my 1st story and also i'm new here my friend owner 2, is in this account too rn its owner 1 you can call me/owner 1 talia owner 2 charlotte! so pls no hate...
Helio nicollo X reader by bobbertbobby
Helio nicollo X readerby bobby
couldn't find one so I made one:v
Fap || Muke  by Axeellll
Fap || Muke by #1 fool
[Completed] Where Michael beats the skin off of his dick to photos of luke or where Michael gets dragged into a world of drugs by the person he loved the most --- ther...
☭  мყ яคหdσм ƒคหคят  ☭ by IWishIWasTom
☭ мყ яคหdσм ƒคหคят ☭by aesthetic pp
This Is Just A Random Book Full Of Digital Or Normal Art I Just Had An Idea Of Making My First Book An Art Book- And My Friend's Book Inspired Me To Make This, So Here...
The voices kiribaku by what_is_u_meaning
The voices kiribakuby 30_stacked_rats
Kirishima may look like a perfectly normal teen but really he is slowly going insane will Bakugo be able to help his long time crush?!?
Mistakes Were Made by LukeiaandSteroline
Mistakes Were Madeby Miranda Boyd
What if Luke and Leia got in a huge fight that could ruin their entire relationship. What will happen? I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE SONGS IN THIS STORY SO NO COPYRIGHT PLEASE...
SwitchAroo by InanimateFansObject
SwitchArooby InanimateFansObject
Test Tube Made a Universe telaporter! And Brought lightbulb with them! When TestTube and Lightbulb Teleported. They woke Up in a forest in another universe where everybo...
Tags, I guess... by Seal-Warden
Tags, I guess...by ᛊᚹᚨᚱᛏᛞᚨᛚᚱ
I don't know what I'm doing but if you make the mistake of reading this I'm so sorry for you