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Lion Guard Season 4 by WillNinjaYT
Lion Guard Season 4by William Png
(Lion Guard Season 3 Ended and Lion Guard Season 4 haven't came out so i started to dream about it and i decided to try fan-fiction) Lion Guard Season 4 took place after...
Kion and Rani: Coincidence Meet by WillNinjaYT
Kion and Rani: Coincidence Meetby William Png
This story took place after Kion beat Scar and got his Scar from Urshari. But Kion accidentally used his roar in anger causing him to get hit into a river. Will he survi...
The tree of life (the lion guard) by yeetermankid
The tree of life (the lion guard)by fanficwriter9000
this is a fanmade version of THE LION GUARD season 4
The Night Pride: Season 1 by ChristopherTLGFan
The Night Pride: Season 1by Christopher Kal
Kion is now King of the Tree of Life ruling alongside Rani. A year later, the Murder of Rani's parents returned to the Tree of Life seaking revenge
The Night Pride: Season 2 by ChristopherTLGFan
The Night Pride: Season 2by Christopher Kal
3 Months later after defeating Hunerd. Kion and Rani must deal with Makucha and his army again. Mama Binturong is now more powerful than before. Will they stop them in t...
Crossover Chronicles: Uphold The Mission (The Lion Guard x Titanfall 2) by circlegaws
Crossover Chronicles: Uphold The M...by thedevilsfingers
After the events that transpired over 7 years ago, the Ark had some unnatural side effects, things began to shift out of place, people phasing in-and-out of various plac...
Kion and The Roar of Darkness by Outlander234
Kion and The Roar of Darknessby Kung Fu Fox
Before Nala had given birth to Kion she grew terribly ill forcing them to travel to the Tree of Life to get help. On the trip Zira betrayed her friend and stole Kion. No...
Nirmala suddenly bumps into someone when she looks up to see who it was and saw that it was a lion. He looked really smart. She asked his name, his name was Surak. Surak...
The Lion Guard: Untold: Season 1&2 by Mykiaralionking
The Lion Guard: Untold: Season 1&2by Queen Mal
What parts of The Lion Guard were we not told about or seen? Read to find out!
Kion and Rani: The Twist by JawsonProductions
Kion and Rani: The Twistby 100% Original Username
What if, The Pridelands and Tree Of Life were at war? Going all the way back to Ahadi's fathers, Mohatus, reign as king, The Pridelands had been an enemy to the Tree Of...
The Lion Tree - Our Pride by MantiTheWriter
The Lion Tree - Our Prideby Manti, The Writer
In the Tree of Life, now called the Kingdom of Life, King Kion has everything he could want. His friends, his queen, the United Guard and an great responsibility to the...
Lion Guard: Season 4. by Mykiaralionking
Lion Guard: Season 4.by Queen Mal
What happened when Kion and Rani became rulers of The Tree of Life? Would they have any new enemies? Read to find out!
The pact-A Lion guard fanfic by Rosethecutelioness
The pact-A Lion guard fanficby LeoaloucaLésbica
Walking through her Kingdom, Queen Rani ends up falling into the exile of Tree of Life. There she meets a Lioness named Lamia and her pride. She becomes friends with the...
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The King of The Tree of Life. (Continuation) by Mykiaralionking
The King of The Tree of Life. (Con...by Queen Mal
I'm bad a Descriptions, so just read to find out that I am a bad writer, lol.
What if Kion grew up with Rani? by Mykiaralionking
What if Kion grew up with Rani?by Queen Mal
You may have heard of how Kion and Rani met on the show. But in this story, it gets better.
Always Here. (A Kiuli story) by Mykiaralionking
Always Here. (A Kiuli story)by Queen Mal
I'm too lazy to make a description, so just read to find out.
Love is Power! by Mykiaralionking
Love is Power!by Queen Mal
After Kion and Rani get married, their feelings for each other grow stronger and stronger. But one day, Kopa comes into the story and causes chaos! Friendships a broken...
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Ishq da ullu by InderSohal
Ishq da ulluby InderSohal
Love- inbetween lucid Dreams, past and prespective
The Lion Tree - Rani's Pride (alt) by MantiTheWriter
The Lion Tree - Rani's Pride (alt)by Manti, The Writer
What if Kion had made another choice and gone to the Stars with his grandparents to protect the United Guard and the kingdom? In this alternative timeline, we follow Ran...