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Love Cycle  by SaucyMontana
Love Cycle by Montana✨
Read the Guilty Pleasure series first!
Integrating Into Adventurer Society: COTE X DanMachi by lajz02
Integrating Into Adventurer Societ...by 02ragnar
Ayanokōji Kiyotaka, a student attending the Koudo Ikusei Senior High School finds himself in a world of monsters, gods, and adventurers. How will he attempt to live his...
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Sophie's new problem by diapergirl05
Sophie's new problemby diapergirl05
After Sophie has an accident in her girlfrien'ds bed for the third time, Ellie decided its time to take action.
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Bell's Eternal Odyssey: The Lost Innocence of a Hero by ZdattyGames
Bell's Eternal Odyssey: The Lost I...by ZdaTTy
Fate can go to hell. After countless failed attempts to save everyone, Bell decides to do the one thing he never did every time he went back to the beginning: enjoy lif...
The Perfect Human in a Fantasy World by ZdattyGames
The Perfect Human in a Fantasy Wor...by ZdaTTy
Sent to a world of adventurers where the gods live near humans by an unknown entity, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka has to do whatever it takes to survive and live the life he has...
Chasing After Wind // Jordi GDL FF by cattoxoxo
Chasing After Wind // Jordi GDL FFby cattoxoxo
UAAP FF 5 As the youngest of two, Kyrell Larea Hernandez acknowledges society's beliefs when it comes to being the youngest child. That they're the most spoiled, the mos...
Aonunete One Shots! by Madzie030
Aonunete One Shots!by madzie ?
To Meet Again (Aonunete) Sequel! Please read that fic first before proceeding to this one to avoid confusion. All chapters are 500 words above! Requests are open --- ...
Draco Malfoy x Male Reader  by Hannayoudo1
Draco Malfoy x Male Reader by Hannayoudo1
Draco Malfoy x Male Reader set during 3rd year. Reader is a Slytherin and Draco's best friend. Stuff happen and well read to find out more.
Misuim's FunLand by DemiMisium
Misuim's FunLandby Demi27
Misuim, a slutty girl that just moved in town, wants to have some fun.
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Tank system - Book 1 by zad1333
Tank system - Book 1by Marcus Vinston Thuesen
Join Merlin as he is thrown into a brand new world where he is given the purpose of killing magic beast by a mysterious entity that also grants him a system, a system of...
Burning Desires!  by wondersx_
Burning Desires! by kkkrrr
The couple gets a burning sensation when they are together, having the best phase of their life. -mature content, no bashing!
Living With Boys by purpleprincess888
Living With Boysby purpleprincess888
When you grow up on the road with a drunken mom and abusive father you learn to fend for yourself pretty well. But I had another thing coming when I got taken out of the...
Stick up by honeyndmilk
Stick upby honeyndmilk
"I-I need a favor from you." He spoke, slow and cautious. "Sergio, spit it out." "I need you to help with a heist- just a small one." |...
Send Love (James Spencer) by nyiiicole
Send Love (James Spencer)by Kai
She's begging for love. He doesn't want love James Spencer fanfiction along with the UP Fighting Maroons Basketball Team Status: Completed Highest rank: #1 UP Fighting M...
the rest of love by hege1123
the rest of loveby ge He
This is a pure short urban novel that uses the most authentic story to tell a life full of blood and tears. I believe readers will not be disappointed after reading it!
the new girl |(⭐️ .) by Adorelattee
the new girl |(⭐️ .)by Adorelattee
when its summer time taraji goes to La for the summer and spends time with her grandma Helen
(KaoUp, SantaEarth) Mật Ngọt Đắng Cay by KornJanngeon
(KaoUp, SantaEarth) Mật Ngọt Đắng...by Korn Janngeon(Jean)
Truyện là hệ liệt, có 2 phần: Phần 1 là (KaoUp) Mật Ngọt Đắng Cay Phần 2 là (SantaEarth) Tâm Lý Tình Yêu
Kimberly Gets Tickled by Armpittoes
Kimberly Gets Tickledby Armpittoes
I have a little fun with Kimberly's pretty feet!
The Girl Who Lives and The Boy Who Gives. by Momo3625
The Girl Who Lives and The Boy Who...by LilChocolateDonut
Sequel to "The Girl Who Stutters, and The Boy Who Mutters." Scott and Abby have been through hell and back together, will they be able to survive a few more bu...
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