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Blood of my Brother by AMax76
Blood of my Brotherby AMax
When Hector goes to Old Corona to visit Quirin, what he finds is not at all what he expects. Now he and a very injured Varian are on the run from the royal guards. For a...
Unforgiven and Okay With It (Almost) by AMax76
Unforgiven and Okay With It ( AMax
Of all the things Varian expected from a Coronan victory celebration, attempted homicide (regicide?) was not one of them. And it wasn't even him this time. After the def...
One year by isfurygirl
One yearby Starlight1208
Rapunzel has just gotten back from her big road trip. It had been one year since she left. and strangely she has the urge to go see Varian. after a couple days she made...
BREAKING NEWS! Local thief and broken boy, unlikely alchemist friends??? by JustSomeRandomArtist
BREAKING NEWS! Local thief and JustSomeRandomArtist
What if Hugo had met Varian a little earlier in his journey? What if he met him before his villain arc began? Find out in this fic who, yes, the people of Pinterest, I a...