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المذنب ام الضحيه  by mays_18a
المذنب ام الضحيه by mays_18a
ريتال طالبة جامعية محبة للخيل حين تذهب ريتال الى الاسطبل سوف تلتقي ب صاحب الاسطبل اور الذي عاد له بعد هجره اكثر من خمس سنوات انجذبوا لبعضهم البعض منذ اللقاء الاول و...
Epiphany by WattPak_2020
Epiphanyby Wattpad-South Asia
Join a diverse group of desi authors filling your bookshelves with a series of heart-racing, magic-inducing romantic stories. Wattpad-South Asia is proud to present an...
Everyone But You ( Vash x fem reader)  by Lilly_pad007
Everyone But You ( Vash x fem read...by Lilly_pad
Vash the Stampede finds himself bleeding out and looking for shelter. What happens when he finds someone who's similar to him in more ways then one? Can Vash find love i...
My love by Gay_b1tch_69
My loveby Gay_b1tch
"Natalia?" "I thought you wouldn't of remembered." "By the way, I go as Natasha now". "I told you we would see each other again. I ne...
☢️passed💀☢️U.A.'s VERY OWN NOMU! by Kend-E-ll
☢️passed💀☢️U.A.'s VERY OWN NOMU!by Incredible crew 2.0
After having everything Taken from him and given a seemingly impossible task. Kendell will be starting His first year at U.A. While trying to solve both his and everyone...
Your a what? Zoro x Nezuko!reader  by Elayne256
Your a what? Zoro x Nezuko!reader by Nami <3
After you departed ways from Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosoka, you set sail then a blonde boy and his friend behind him approached you "Heyyyyy~"
Twilight: Thalia Grace Swan by fanfictionstories120
Twilight: Thalia Grace Swanby FanFiction Stories
Awakening to a world that seems both familiar and foreign, Samantha Rose Baldwin finds herself thrust into the life of Thalia Swan, a girl surrounded by mystery and fame...
𝕊𝕌𝕀ℂ𝕀𝔻𝔼 (𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟 𝑥 𝑜𝑐) by satansno1stan
𝕊𝕌𝕀ℂ𝕀𝔻𝔼 (𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟 𝑥 𝑜�...by Howls-bootyhair
This story contains mentions of sewerslide and death abuse cussing ext etc so if you're not comfortable with that don't read this story :) Btw the art in the Stories whe...
Ma dumb ass  by janayyyslayyy
Ma dumb ass by Janay woods
Me doing dumb shit 🙃 (btw this is not a saula story anymore)
Outer Banks One shots by 1-800-MH
Outer Banks One shotsby Newtie, Min, Gal
ON HOLD Just some imagines, one shots, or whatever you wanna call it. They're scenes with Y/n, that's you! Go ahead check it out. •I'll be posting when I'm bored or hav...
poems for u.  by abtdeinrt
poems for u. by soph
escrevendo poemas a você, espero que goste.
Thoughts On My Mind... by GirlwithNojob220
Thoughts On My Mind...by GirlwithNojob220
A teen girl has a dream about somethings she can't ever forget!
Red Riot Go! by Akishotgf
Red Riot Go!by *Lovely<3
You Ejirou Kiristen is the younger sister of Ejirou Kirishima and both of you get accepted to UA Will love bloom or hate Blossom? (I Do not own Mha or any of the charact...
neymar jr x Black reader by MeganJackson748
neymar jr x Black readerby MeganJackson748
You meet Neymar your brother introduced you to him
The Queen Denae Life by QueenDenae
The Queen Denae Lifeby QueenDenae
Get to know the queen herself 👑😛❤️🥺
Trick Or Trigger  by WandaCraigpd
Trick Or Trigger by Chains On Alexander
Trying to figure out Wattpad's algorithm. Little tests here and there whether they seem to work or not. If you have test recommendations, let me know. Also if you have a...
I want to be with her forever  by jasmine_loved
I want to be with her forever by jasmine_loved
a fashion designer named Mari who had bad experiences with different relationships all through her life. She meets this woman named ruby who has a secret that she doesn'...
Lost but found  by AnisheMotunrayo3
Lost but found by M.a.r.s’ Adventure
PART 1 The first breath of a man scents of unconditional love and wealth But blindly lost to desires which is vanity The quest to be free but lost deep into the dark hea...