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My Cinderella (Arthur Pendragon love story.) by Maggie106616
My Cinderella (Arthur Pendragon lo...by Maggie106616
It is the year 1313, the young Isabella Clarke lived with her mother and father on the outskirts of Camelot. They were a simple family, Isabella had a dog names Jesse an...
A one night fumble :A Dramione love story by Paige_Jenny
A one night fumble :A Dramione lov...by Paige Jennifer M. Tinson
this is my First Dramione Story A one night fumble with the Enemy turns out for a big decisions in the future and maybe love , But will everyone accept whats Happened?
My Girl Hearted Love [GayxGirl]  (Ongoing)  by xcmxx_
My Girl Hearted Love [GayxGirl] (...by Nobodyx
What if you're inlove with someone who's UNDENIABLY GAY? Would you choose to GIVE UP? OR KEEP CHASING ON SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN?! PS. THANKYOUSOMUCH ATE ROMZ F...
Creepypasta Stories And More by Rina-San867
Creepypasta Stories And Moreby Shaqeasha
From 123 Safety Street to Laughing Jack's origin, I've got it. Everything will be ending soon and I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on these terrifying stories. I hope...
BEST FRIENDS FOREVER?  by primroseprestley
BEST FRIENDS FOREVER? by primroseprestley
Blythe, an independent girl with wild dreams, pretty face, raging intelligence and a carefree attitude to her life has fallen for her bestfreind Alexis. Typical nerd. A...
Karissa Jaleah Maraj (COMPLETED) by PrincessMockingjay20
Karissa Jaleah Maraj (COMPLETED)by Princess
This story is about Nicki Minaj's daughter: Karissa Jaleah Maraj
Jealous; J.S by xosartoriusx
Jealous; J.Sby xosartoriusx
🌍~I'm jealous of the rain that fall upon your skin it's closer than my hands have been~🌍
My art book 📚  by duckynappy
My art book 📚 by Nicole
This is my art book 📚. Requests are open.
A New Gem by Dudelookout
A New Gemby Dudelookout
Two new gem appear but no one knows if they are peaceful
Big dreams, Small World by 1passion_writer1
Big dreams, Small Worldby 1passion_writer1
This is the story of a girl trying to live her big dreams. In the big apple! (Also it's m on the short side it's just a quick story I was in the mood to write!)
The Bad girl VS. The Badboy by ladybug2721
The Bad girl VS. The Badboyby ladybug2721
Her name is Genevieve Hope and she is the bad girl of this town and she has two best friends and one of her friends is the sibling of Alexander Cross. The cause of her a...
Short Stories  by sleepyheadzz
Short Stories by Morgan Rona
Here's a small collection of some short stories I've written.
He Is, He Isn't by mer-remni
He Is, He Isn'tby •Meredith•
The first day I met him we established three things: our names, my intelligence, and his stupidity. Only one thing remains the same. My name is still Ellie, and his is...
The cross-dresser  by pearladzin_8
The cross-dresser by pearl 🐼
People said to Asami she can't play the piano in the top ten, only boys can. So she decided to take the act and become a boy herself. Music Academy. The only best schoo...
Walk Away by ratedvan
Walk Awayby Van🤪
Who's walking away? Read to find out.
Werewolf Hybrid by BREBRERULES
Werewolf Hybridby BREBRERULES
Jasmine, better known as Jazzy, wasn't the "ordinary" werewolf. She tries to hide it, but once she moved to Atlanta, Georgia. It wasn't just her secret anymore...
Melted Words by AlexanderBabor
Melted Wordsby AlexanderBabor
A book of my most recent poems and prose. Anything from my struggles as a trans man to neglect and abuse.
A Wolf In A Witch's World-#Wattys 2017 by MintBoo
A Wolf In A Witch's World-#Wattys...by MintBoo
A Witch and a Wolf. All in one. Destiny Haven has faced the world all in one. For years and years it's always been her against the world. With her parents behind her of...
Blue by 1027lexie
Blueby Lex
"I know it's tough, but just hang in there." - words from my favorite person in the entire world.