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The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart by Shadowthinker
The Billionaire Who Stole My Heartby Ani
"Let me make it up to you," he whispered. His lips softly touched mine, eagerly wanting me. One small kiss, made all the pent up anger go away. I let go once h...
Protect the Queen by FisherAmelie
Protect the Queenby Fisher Amelie
When Lucas Nethercott kidnaps the quiet, isolated Luna Evergreen, he exposes her to a world she never knew existed, and throws her into the violent universe of the Blood...
Ilvermorny School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry by JamesPascatore
Ilvermorny School Of Witchcraft An...by James Pascatore
The history and what campus life is like at one of the greatest secrets of the Wizarding World - Ilvermorny School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. This book will serve as a...
Um Don't Actually Read This by TheOfficialGreyYoung
Um Don't Actually Read Thisby Grey Young
Hello, my name is Grey Young. I'm just an average teenager with a strong love for literature. I live in New York and aspire to become a criminal defence lawyer and an au...
I'm Just Silent (Boyxboy) by Chaotics_Corner
I'm Just Silent (Boyxboy)by Chaotic
Dre, a 16 year old boy who has been abused his whole life and still is . At five a knife went a little too deep, and now his father hates him so much and will not stop...
One Punch Man fanfic by scintillate09
One Punch Man fanficby Scintillate
A Saitama X Fubuki ship that starts at the time Saitama and Fubuki met. The result of my (and others) frustration from Saitama not having a possible love interest in the...
Keep me Closer - Billy Hargrove - Stranger Things  by arminsburnttoastt
Keep me Closer - Billy Hargrove...by yeah
Takes place in Stranger Things 2 and 3 In which the Byers have a sister that has powers because while Will was stuck in the UpsideDown, she was stuck in Hawkins lab. Her...
ramblings Of A Broken Heart by CharlestonBench
ramblings Of A Broken Heartby Charleston Bench
a collection of poems and minor writings
Reincarnated as a betrayed prince by beatcr
Reincarnated as a betrayed princeby beatcr
This story follows the story of the death of a boy, whose name is Evan, that dies due to being abused by his own family. But certain goddess of another world of fantasy...
Not a Legend by Cat09forever
Not a Legendby Cat09forever
Elenor Chase, a 24-year-old girl, had a mysterious past that she hoped to leave behind. She wanted to start a new chapter in her life, but then Eobard Thawne, who impers...
forbidden  kind of love   by AuthorMireiaPerez
forbidden kind of love by AuthorMireiaPerez
when a love is forbidden it make it more tempting to break all the rules and go behind your family back to seek what you want...Mia being the youngest in her family and...
The All Seer // Bnha X Reader  by himikomadness
The All Seer // Bnha X Reader by himikomadness
(*WARNING*: contains foul language, mature content I guess, and also cringe) (Y/n) (L/n) has a non average life with a rare confusing bunch of Quirks. Trying to stay ali...
The Bad Boy Is Obsessed With Me ✔️ by DreamcatcherItis
The Bad Boy Is Obsessed With Me ✔️by U
"Go, I don't want to make you hate me for what I did." he says softly as a tear of drop dipped from his eyes. "What are you talking about?" I approac...
Pulled from the fire by Kevin and Fawn Mchale by Priceisrightrusher
Pulled from the fire by Kevin and...by Priceisrightrusher
Okay this story is going to be based off the original story that i had and tried to fix up again and that ended up being a dud too, and there will be surprises along the...
Tom Holland + Peter Parker - Imagines and Smut, Fluff And NSFW Content by Jinx_Girl_
Tom Holland + Peter Parker - Imagi...by Jinx
Imagines, smut and fluff for Tom Holland and Peter Parker ALL STORIES IN THIS ARE MINE! IF USED, PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT
I Hate You (COMPLETED) by brendzuuuuh
I Hate You (COMPLETED)by Secré
Shanteila Margareth Harlyn is carrying a rare case of fear called the philophobia. She's afraid to love, to feel the love and afraid to feel the normal feelings she had...
Cherries and Wine by diorbombshell
Cherries and Wineby 🥂
The poetry inside of me, is warm like a gun.
Unstoppable [Under Editing] by Janet_Agron
Unstoppable [Under Editing]by Janet Agron
What happens when Vera Kent finally joins the family business and becomes the latest hero of Metropolis and National City as Power Girl???
(Hp đồng nhân ) Nhắm mắt lại đi, thế giới này thay đổi rồi! by TuytNgn068
(Hp đồng nhân ) Nhắm mắt lại đi, t...by Tuyết Ngân
Đã quá mệt mỏi. Quay về quá khứ thay đổi tất cả. Nhưng tại sao khi có lại gia đình cậu vẫn như xa như gần. Hay rằng đã quá quen với cuộc sống cô độc. Một cuộc sống hoàn...
Journey: Harry Potter by Buckpowe12
Journey: Harry Potterby Elizabeth
"Who the bloody hell are you?!" "The gingerbread man!" "Oh we're screwed" ------------------------------------- [Book 1] Mya Halliwell an...