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Organize A Tension Free Wedding Event by ashishshivharein
Organize A Tension Free Wedding
A wedding plan is something that includes everything you want to happen at your wedding and avoids anything you don't want to happen. A wedding ceremony or celebratio...
Finally Found A Groom  by YashikaAgarwal165
Finally Found A Groom by Yashika Agarwal
Laasya Agarwal, a beautiful Indian girl, who has spend more of her life in a foreign country, But after a broken heart, she came back to India- her home. Now that 28 ye...
One Day We Met And Then...|| TXT ||Yeonjun by TyunKang
One Day We Met And Then...|| TXT | KangTyun
Black night, Blank mind. Existing with someone under the same sky, yet so far. He made himself visible just once and messed your mind..... Who knew messing your mind wou...
Unexpected Love 🥀 (Taekook)  by DreamyMegTae
Unexpected Love 🥀 (Taekook) by Dreamy Meg
අහම්බය,මං ඒකට ගොඩාක් ආදරෙයි.ඇයි දන්නවද?💜️ ඒක මගේ ජීවිතයම ලස්සන කරන්න හරිම කෙනා මට පෙන්නලා දුන්නා.💕
Forever right? (on hold) by f1nnsfl0w3rs
Forever right? (on hold)by finn<3
this is dnf angst :)
Rosalyn Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Harry's Twin Book 7 by midnight0088
Rosalyn Potter and the Deathly Hayley
The final battle is brewing for Rosalyn Potter, as if has been for years, but this is different. Rosalyn, Harry, Ron and Hermione are not returning to Hogwarts this year...
𝐇𝐎𝐏𝐄𝐋𝐄𝐒𝐒 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 | 홉레스 러브 - 최승철 세븐틴 - CHOI SEUNGCHEOL "never thought your sudden words will make me the happiest person and break me the very next moment...
Faking It | Tom Holland by booksforme171
Faking It | Tom Hollandby marveladdict
ALTERNATE REALITY (Not famous/Not an actor) Tom and Elizabeth are in love. Just not with each other. Tom's ex is getting married. When she assumes he doesn't have a da...
Amp World by ellie_kwarts
Amp Worldby Ellie_Kwarts
The life of the Whole Amp Squad. They get married, move and do a lot more fun things like group vacations
Broken Rings by summerroebooks
Broken Ringsby Summer Roe
Autumn's wedding was canceled the day before she was supposed to walk down the aisle. As her emotions are all over the place, she's still trying to pick up the broken pi...
My Universe by 511mochi
My Universeby Jikook
'they said that we can't be together because we come from different sides.' well, mentally. ...
The Bad Guys in All About Millicent  by IluvOlaf3
The Bad Guys in All About Queen of Nerds
The Bad Guys have gone good and are now doing moonlit hero work with Governor Foxington and Gabi Santiago. Life seems good, but things are not always what they seem. A...
Promise Letter by Qtaeminkook
Promise Letterby Q
What happens when a girl gets the opportunity to write a letter to her crush as a school assignment but accidentally posts it online. Meet Olivia Palmer□■□■□ While tryi...
💫იძულება💫 by iamtheblackhole
💫იძულება💫by iamtheblackhole
ამბავი გოგონაზე რომელიც იძულებით მიათხოვეს მდიდარ ბიჭს........ დანარჩენს თქვენ თვითონ ნახავთ თუ წაიკითხავთ❤
Fake marriage (Sanegiyuu 2-shot) by Mylovewashere
Fake marriage (Sanegiyuu 2-shot)by Kylie
Sanegiyuu!! No characters or pictures are mines!
The Royal Promise by TanakaIsaac
The Royal Promiseby Tanaka Isaac
A dark horse is choosen to compete for the heart of the prince who made a royal promise to the kingdom after his brother's stepped down from the throne
Wedding by Sleep_Deprived720
Weddingby Sleepy
Hiya! In my bio, I have a platonic partner on here. Well we never had a wedding. So here we go! :D
Married to the Long Lost Princess by DyosangMarupokk
Married to the Long Lost Princessby DyosangMarupokk
The story of our fate... Hi please read my first ever story! Support me and I do my best not to disappoint you. Thank youuuuu. Love lots. -DMarupokk
Husband Material | ✓ by whoreforxio
Husband Material | ✓by whoreforxio
"That was quite badass." "What are you doing here?" Isabella questioned. Ares smirked. "I believe what you're trying to say is thank you, love...
Blood On Her Hands by angelica_is_a_person
Blood On Her Handsby angelica_is_a_person
A lot of things can go wrong at a wedding, murder is never anticipated to be one of them. After someone is killed at her sister's wedding, Mickey finds herself aiding a...