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Lu Mingfei's Second Chance  by GuardianLugia8
Lu Mingfei's Second Chance by GuardianLugia8
Lu Mingfei, the S rank student of Cassell College, who is always mocked and harrassed by the other students due to his lackluster abilities. Even when he participated in...
Till Death Do Us Part by axgirl13
Till Death Do Us Partby Kamila
Skylar pledged her life to protect her homeland, but she didn't expect that she would have to resort to marrying the king's brother and using her wits instead of a sword...
Thread of Frost by JKMacLaren
Thread of Frostby J K MacLaren
Reeling from a devastating battle, Annalise Cidarius and her companions search for a mythical sword with the power to destroy celestial beings. But with the malevolent g...
Thread of Ash and Fire by JKMacLaren
Thread of Ash and Fireby J K MacLaren
Anna and Ryne must battle against evil forces - and their own hearts - in this high-stakes conclusion to the Thread of Gold series. Season 4 of Thread of Gold *** Annal...
I Became the Precious Daughter of The Villainous Grand Duke by Romantic_Blossoms_22
I Became the Precious Daughter of...by Milka
Aria, the adopted daughter of duke agnes who experiences death Seven times. In each of her lifetimes, she sacrifices herself for the sake of her family she dies believin...
The Villainess And The Strongest knight by Shipping_lord2000
The Villainess And The Strongest k...by Shipping Lord
He is just a normal college student but when a accident took his life, he found himself in a different world in a new body Not long he would find out that this new worl...
Gilded Cage~ Shapeshifter Rebirth by butterfly_effect
Gilded Cage~ Shapeshifter Rebirthby butterfly_effect
"You're just my tool. Know your place." It's her duty to follow her master's command. Even at the risk of injuring herself or losing her mind. It's his right...
Engraved - The Hunted Warrior by YVQualls
Engraved - The Hunted Warriorby Y. V. Qualls
When Alam promises a dying priest that he will return a sealed box to it's true owner he unwittingly puts himself in the center of world shaking events beyond his abilit...
A Smidge of Magic by MIOFlaherty
A Smidge of Magicby MIOFlaherty
What happens to a man when he is torn from everything he knows? Ian McClintoc, a detective from D.C., must find the answer to that very question when a routine investiga...
Sword and Claw by Milestro
Sword and Clawby Miles Trombley
What can go wrong when you get trapped inside an online game as a hot fox girl? Sora Genjo has beaten many players and conquered challenging dungeons in the virtual anth...
But God Forced Me to Reincarnate! by LynneSuzuran
But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!by LynneSuzuran
A duke's daughter wanted nothing in her life but the sweet nothingness of death, as she felt like her life served no purpose. Her wish was granted when she was killed in...
Heart of a Hero: Somehow I've become the Vampire Queen?! by FiammaCami
Heart of a Hero: Somehow I've beco...by Fia
Using her last breath, Ambra, the Hero tasked to save humanity, had finally achieved her objective. To vanquish the Vampire Queen. However, her mortal enemy had one fina...
Foxtails and Fairytales: Reckless Adventures in Another World by NathanielWilhelm
Foxtails and Fairytales: Reckless...by NathanielWilhelm
A tragic 17 year old boy dies as just another number in a massacre. He wakes up reborn as a baby with a fox tail and ears. Born in a world of swords and magic the youth...
In This Life, I Will Protect You by Ynisstupid
In This Life, I Will Protect Youby Ynisstupid
I was isekaid into a cliche novel as the villainess!? Wait, isn't this the most overused plot line? More importantly, I'm supposed to die in 3 years?? That's not nearly...
After the private jet crashed into a river, Christy returns, but she's not quite herself. With Christy's her dark alter ego, Dark Enchantress, re-emerged, the Mikaelsons...
Dangerous Prodigals and Adopted Children : Book 7 of the Guardians Saga by AuthorJMColes
Dangerous Prodigals and Adopted Ch...by AuthorJMColes
#3 dragon romance, #2 girl hero, highest rankings. Gabe's dangerous daughter returns home. But will she follow in her father's footsteps or continue In her murderous mot...
The Different Worlds by TacticalNarrator9000
The Different Worldsby TacticalNarrator
In the year of 2026, a mysterious interstellar portal called "The Ring" was spotted on the coast of Manila, Philippines. Many diplomatic and trade treaty was s...
Lady Earthquake by WriterPratt
Lady Earthquakeby Cynthia Bailey Pratt
A child's deception leads to a life of adventure...and the unraveling of a heavenly mystery. All little An-Xia wanted was to learn sword-play, but the itinerant master...
Tales of the Vangen: The Siege of Middengard (Book 2) by FritztheGrim
Tales of the Vangen: The Siege of...by J. J. Fritz
[Completed]Five years have passed since the Black Ministry's betrayal against The Empress, their rebellion quashed at the hands of the Vangen Royal Guard. But the roots...
Betrayal - Book 3 of Guardians Saga - EDITED by AuthorJMColes
Betrayal - Book 3 of Guardians Sag...by AuthorJMColes
Alex survived fighting a war on an alien world. But can she survive her return trip to New Orleans? The brothers are fighting, throwing their new Guardian team into disa...