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INFJ×INTJ  by Amalia_alk
INFJ×INTJ by Amalia
conversation and events that's happened between the INFJ and INTJ (me and my friend) hope you like it
The Forgotten Diary by NobodyJudgeMe
The Forgotten Diaryby Ikaika Carek
Sarah Jones is a pale, slender and hopeful cleaner from Tokyo. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Zoe Platt, a tall, curvy woman with a passion for music. Sar...
My Girly BFF by ii_AllyAndCathy_ii
My Girly BFFby ii_AllyAndCathy_ii
Hey Guys Just making Another Version of "My Bossy BFF" BTW IMMA pay Cathy for Dat XD
Her Proper Place by BossJin
Her Proper Placeby BossJin
Just another #LeeSeJin x #SeoYiKyung short fic.
Under the Stars by Cgoldberg22
Under the Starsby Cgoldberg22
#PerfectDate Writing Contest. What would my perfect date be?
5 Years From Now & Counting by BossJin
5 Years From Now & Countingby BossJin
A #LeeSeJin & #SeoYiKung long fic.
Is this akward? Yes? Oh... by TeragramC
Is this akward? Yes? Oh...by Teragram C.
This story is a collaboration with @GLEfiction. Go check her out she made my cover. two smol bois
Red-Handed by BossJin
Red-Handedby BossJin
Spying Writer Kim and Director Jo on the loose. #LeeSeJin x #SeoYiKyung fanfic.
අදුරු සෙවණැලි (Dark Shadow) by XoraAnn_001
අදුරු සෙවණැලි (Dark Shadow)by Xora Ann
"නාරා මෙච්චර දෙයක් වෙලත් ඔයා කොහොමද පැටි මෙහෙම සැහැල්ලුවෙන් හිනාවෙලා ඉන්නෙ" "මන් දන්නවා එයා කවුද කියල බෝධි මට ඒ සුවද එයා ගාවින් ඉද්දි දැනෙන ෆීලීන් එක හොද...
WARNING!!! Contains a lot of curses (the girls are full-mouthed)! Read whenever you're feeling whatever you're feeling. Feel free to comment and create theories and stuf...
Double Entendre by BossJin
Double Entendreby BossJin
A short #LeeSeJin x #SeoYiKyung fic.
The Untold Truths of a Closeted Lesbian by Lonerfied
The Untold Truths of a Closeted Le...by Zoly
my new diary - lesbian edition Mainly about falling for my best friend