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From teenager to mom  by growingwithmatthew
From teenager to mom by Isasanchez
How to deal with being a mom at a young age
A Mom Like Me by SnowySantaCruz
A Mom Like Meby Annette Truong
Tales of a mom living in California. Her daily grind of commutes, kids, and computers is interrupted only by artistic adventures that take her away to different realitie...
Legacy of the Fang: A Journey of Identity and Balance by Kenzie_queen21
Legacy of the Fang: A Journey of Kenzie Queen
we follow Diana Anderson, now Diana Lawrence, as she navigates the complex challenges of reconciling her father's controversial legacy. Johnny Lawrence, the founder of t...
Life Interrupted by aethompso
Life Interruptedby Alicia Smith Thompson
I am a wife, mom of 3 under 6, sister to 3 siblings, and an attorney. Originally from Pennsylvania, I moved to South Carolina when I was 15. Life feels disjointed and su...
All I Want for Christmas is a Stegosaurus by DebbAnn
All I Want for Christmas is a DebbAnn
A tweaked but true Christmas story. Weekend Write-In for 8 December 2017 "money": In 500 words, tell what happens when money is involved
A Day In Her Life by MASCRU81
A Day In Her Lifeby MASCRU81
The story of what lies beneath the strong exterior of a working mom. So many truths untold, weaknesses disguised through diversion, and pain that is masked with a perpet...
Mother Wanted by gwelcher
Mother Wantedby Gernell Welcher
A harried mom tries to find some much needed balance in her life.
Goresan Jemari  [All things that I have written] by felazyana
Goresan Jemari [All things that felazyana
Setelah peristiwa itu, aku mulai menutup diri dan tak membiarkan satupun orang tau tentang segala rasa yang berkelebat dalam benakku. Agar tak ada yang bisa mendengar su...
Finding Myself by stillgrowing83
Finding Myselfby stillgrowing83
Everyone has experienced challenges in life. I'm no different. At the age of 26, I found my marriage falling apart the same day I became pregnant with my second child. A...
Five Years by leenszy
Five Yearsby Aileen Rabago
A true to life story of my battles with infertility. Learn the art of waiting after series of tests. A testimony of faith, healing and hope. As a woman, we must not giv...
It's Not a Free Ride House by workingmom1
It's Not a Free Ride Houseby Nicole Sexton
Working mom's are truly the best! Pregnant moms trying to decide weather to go back to work after the baby, mom's going back to work after being at home with your little...
You Are Worth It by astrida1722
You Are Worth Itby Astrida Hara
Kumpulan sajak tentang penerimaan diri Tentang hati, dan yang berbisik keras atau lirih Tentang kasih, bahasa cinta yang universal Tentang diri, dan istimewanya kehidupa...
Diary of a Working Mom with a Newborn by WorkingMama
Diary of a Working Mom with a WorkingMama
Humorous, authentic account of the emotional rollercoaster of having a preschooler, a newborn, and returning to work.
An Almost Fairy Tale [Completed] by dezmarron
An Almost Fairy Tale [Completed]by destiny ♔♚
Lyric has a child and realizes she's not attracted to men anymore. Then she runs into a woman whom she met years before and falls in love. Sounds perfect right? The down...