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Please harder, daddy ~ ( Tartaglia x Zhong Li) by ShaShlichoG
Please harder, daddy ~ ( Tartaglia...by dilf228
...- A-ah~,- moans echoed through the bedroom.- Zh-zhong Li...~ The brown-haired stopped for a while. He slightly pulled out his d!ck, from which Tartaglia quietly, but...
Zhongchi|Smut/Fluffshots by Hairyphoune
Zhongchi|Smut/Fluffshotsby Clover
Switch Zhongchi Don't read it... or you won't be able to stop reading smut and fluff Contains Angst and depressing topics Other ships: Xiaother Kazuscara Beigguang Xingy...
The Dance That Will Last Forever  by HaoGayo
The Dance That Will Last Forever by Hao
Zhongchi angst Slight Zhongli x Guizhong mentions Zhongchi fluff Slight smut Happy ending (cover image isn't mine)
The ninth month by AlexandraZapletalova
The ninth monthby AlexandraZapletalova
Zhongli becomes pregnant and tells Childe's, Childe is happy about the baby and starts caring for Zhongli as his child.
Teacher's Little Pet / Childe x Zhongli / 18+ by nopedynopenopes
Teacher's Little Pet / Childe x Zh...by nopedynopenopes
Childe is a naughty delinquent being supervised by the head prefect, Zhongli. He is determined to leave detention early and he has a few tricks up his sleeve for the sto...
¿Just A Monster? by Ani_the_azi
¿Just A Monster?by Ani_Bananii
This book follows Ajax in a 'what if he never escaped from the abyss. He spent his whole life ever sense he was 14 in the abyss with Skrik as a trainer/mother figure Bu...
3 Archons In MHA by Random_Cassidy
3 Archons In MHAby Cassidy
During their annual archon meetup Venti decides to bring him and his friends on a little trip whilst being unable to maintain his curiosity. Ships: No ships for MHA char...
Sumeru Akademiya - Chatfic/Realfic by GottaMakeLemonade
Sumeru Akademiya - Chatfic/Realficby Lemon/Vex
Sumeru Academy is rather famous among all the nations, the headmasters Lord Lesser Kusanali and Celestia welcome anyone. Those with visions attend the school, and it's a...
No Time Left | Childe x Zhongli by mrjohnlee
No Time Left | Childe x Zhongliby zhongdong
Time... It was scarce, unstoppable and valuable. A broken hourglass... The perfect way to describe their love. ***Art used for front cover belongs to its rightful owner:...
Remember Me at Summer's End [ZhongChi/TartaLi] by xTeaAndSconesx
Remember Me at Summer's End [Zhong...by Tea
Zhongli is perfect. Their relationship is perfect. He is everything Childe could wish for. Then Zhongli starts to forget - memories, experiences, history - leaving Child...
Genshin Impact reacts to stuff by chargersgirl63
Genshin Impact reacts to stuffby Sinja lover
Genshin Impact characters reacts to stuff. * My AU* P.S I don't own Genshin Impact
𝘡𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘨𝘤𝘩𝘪 /𝘊𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘓𝘪 𝘧𝘭𝘶𝘧𝘧𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘵𝘴 by _C4YLX_
𝘡𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘨𝘤𝘩𝘪 /𝘊𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘓𝘪 𝘧�...by fossolized_protienp0wder
So, you wanna read a simple, sweet Zhongchi fic, but everything involving zhongli and childe is just pure angst or straight up smut. It seems we have that in common. Thi...
The Ghost I Met | Kazuscara  by dmyn_official
The Ghost I Met | Kazuscara by yes
There happened to be a rumour, about a student who got killed off at the school around the block. It has been said that it roams the hallways during day and night time...
Zhongchi Short stories by childeschild69
Zhongchi Short storiesby bog
Short stories about my favorite ship <3 Some angst because if I can't have my happy ending why should they. Stories made by how I am feeling when writing. I love writ...
Glaze Lilies [Zhongchi/Tartali] by Kaworumii
Glaze Lilies [Zhongchi/Tartali]by Kaworumii
After losing his first love, Zhongli tries to deal her loss and with his emotions. however a flower known as a glaze lily keeps reminding him of her, making it difficult...
The Power of Revelation: The Truth Shall Set You Free by YumiYuuuuki
The Power of Revelation: The Truth...by Yumi
Fighting off hoards of enemies in the Spiral Abyss, Tartaglia is forced to confront his nightmares of old, and if he wasn't so acutely aware of what got him into the sit...
ZhongChi: How did this happen by tohrikeyA
ZhongChi: How did this happenby tohrikeyA
When childe was out doing work he encountered a monster but childe was not paying attention so the monster bit him and ran away. The ginger didn't seem to notice any cha...
Modern Family (Zhongli x Childe + Xiao) by Koralyn96
Modern Family (Zhongli x Childe +...by Kora
Xiao was a five year old boy who was abused and mistreated by his foster family. His trust issues were huge, but his new dad was helping him overcoming them. Zhongli was...
School bully (IDK WHAT TO CALL THIS) by Toyaaaa24
School bully (IDK WHAT TO CALL THI...by Lol.
This is rushed and full of drama but yeah I gave up on it