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Genshin Impact X BNHA by hirai_yuko
Genshin Impact X BNHAby 平井 優子
"What the fuck" Aether says, which is appropriate for the situation as they just crash-landed from the sky and into this weird-looking world that he and Lumine...
Our Thorned Fate by SacielArakawa
Our Thorned Fateby Saciel Arakawa
Childe, the best mystical creatures hunter in Harbinger spent his youth to kill vampires, especially the uncontrollable one who love to hunt innocent people. Zhongli, th...
Please harder, daddy ~ ( Tartaglia x Zhong Li) by ShaShlichoG
Please harder, daddy ~ ( Tartaglia...by dilf228
...- A-ah~,- moans echoed through the bedroom.- Zh-zhong Li...~ The brown-haired stopped for a while. He slightly pulled out his d!ck, from which Tartaglia quietly, but...
Fill | Z x C by MyHearteuExplodeu
Fill | Z x Cby 🍃Dear Nero🍂
Cursed Archon!Zhongli x Tsaritsa's Adeptus!Childe Zhongli x Childe smut okay? And it's in an Au. This was because my friends wanted some smut. I mean- Zhongli does exact...
Zhongchi OneShots smut and fluff by Chizhongiscute
Zhongchi OneShots smut and fluffby zcx
Zhongchi One shots (with smut chapters and fluff). I love chiLi. This is not a joke guys😍😍💊 This my therapy Read the Trigger Warnings in the beginning of every chapt...
My singer.. My streamer // Xiao x Venti // Modern AU by KokomisSquid
My singer.. My streamer // Xiao x...by Eula/Yae Miko Main<3
Xiao meets a Blue haired male that is a popular singer and Lyrist. Xiao thinks he is straight until he finds out he likes the singer. He doesn't understand venti a lot. ...
the cries of the harbinger by vnti_sh
the cries of the harbingerby koi
ajax -- aka tartaglia & childe -- needs comfort. he needs someone to hold him as he cries. but traveler's busy. they're unavailable. his colleagues, peers, and subordina...
red hot chili pepor by ihaveathiccbooty
red hot chili peporby theodore chipmunk
go get some ice crean and read this spicy fan fic about genshin ajaculation tartagila and zhogle lapis lazuli
"Zhongchi" Oneshot ✓ by XiansheFanfics
"Zhongchi" Oneshot ✓by ❤︎ت︎ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍᴇɴ
⚠️READ THIS FIRST⚠️ ⚠️MY AU⚠️ -This might include- Top Zhongli - // Just a normal lovestory // Angst(??) Nahh...i dont think so, got this wild imag...
+ one week left. + zhongchi + by -_mxchii_-
+ one week left. + zhongchi +by -_mxchii_-
After finding out that the love of his life is destined to die in one week, Zhongli sets out to make it the best week of his life, while trying to figure out how to save...
Dance with me for my heart withers by Licoricetwist94
Dance with me for my heart withersby Kiyomi Crystal
He should have known that any happiness he found in life was always too good to be true.
 a childe x zhongli story by rainbowbella104
a childe x zhongli storyby Benny Boi
this has alot of smut like ALOT there's also fluff and comfort here to. the storie is about zhongli and childe dating under cover
Kaebedo by Toyaaaa24
Kaebedoby Lol.
Hi sorry this isn't the best but it's something
Zhongchi/ChiLi Mangaarts (Genshin Impact) by Chizhongiscute
Zhongchi/ChiLi Mangaarts (Genshin...by zcx
Characters belong to genshin Impact. -If you don't like the ship or comment hate im going to block you immediately. -It's English. -Zhongchi means Tartaglia/Childe x Zho...
Arranged Marriage * Zhongli x Childe* by Yourlilteehee
Arranged Marriage * Zhongli x Chil...by Yourlilteehee
Childe being the prince of Snezhnaya, was at the age to marry. He had to find a partner as soon as possible for it's forbidden for a King to possibly rule alone. So, he...
The birth of a hero by xXInnocentiaXx
The birth of a heroby Innocentia
A battle in a small town, snowflakes in Shnezhnaya, lonely nights in the barracks, a mentor that the boy without a name doesn't know what to think about.... What happene...
And they were teachers (HAha get it?) by Toyaaaa24
And they were teachers (HAha get i...by Lol.
Hi! I wrote a little note on the first chapter, so make sure you read that before you continue to read. I also realized I never mentioned ages SO Zhongli- 29 Childe- 2...
Genshin Impact Chatfics  by haikyuuluvs
Genshin Impact Chatfics by haikyuuluvs
yeah um I created cause I did a line of coke 😁 but here are the ships being featured in this chaotic asf fanfic 😶 if y'all have a problem with my ships then please jus...
✎ Childe x Zhongli ✎ one-shots by SHLol_obii
✎ Childe x Zhongli ✎ one-shotsby HELLoSHIP
HAIII! Thank you soo much for clicking on this!! 🥺😳 This is just a random book that I decided to write for emotional support because I love this ship 😭💕 Anyways, thi...