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"we all die a little sometimes. don't be afraid."

"you are your own worst enemy and best friend."

"Oh, we're using our made up names. Um....I'm Spider-Man, then."

"Kick names, take ass."

"dont be afraid. i feel it too."

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Stories by queen-of-serpents
Rainbows & Revenge ~ Ethan Nakamura by TheHeirOfSlytherin13
Rainbows & Revenge ~ Ethan Nakamura
Many have asked questions, but few ever wonder if the answers they get are true. They accept them as fact and...
I See You ~~Pansy Parkinson~~ by TheHeirOfSlytherin13
I See You ~~Pansy Parkinson~~
&quot;I spent my life hiding in the shadows. I don't know how to love.&quot; I said, my eyes looking into her...
when the stars fall ||| sirius black by TheHeirOfSlytherin13
when the stars fall ||| sirius bla...
&quot;You said-&quot; &quot;I say a lot of things. That doesn't mean that they're true.&quot;
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