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I awake with a small groan escaping my throat. My eyes stung as I slowly opened them, light creaking in from my bedroom window blinding me. I weakly cover my eyes and roll away from the light.

A groan escapes my mouth once again as my head began to throb at the sudden movement. I rub my temples to try and ease some of the throbbing in my skull.

I smacked my lips as I felt the dryness, making my throat ache for something to drink. Slowly, I rolled to the edge of my bed and swing my feet over. I grabbed onto the bed as I got a sudden head rush which made me dizzy.

"I am never drinking again" I whine to myself as I rub my forehead. I leaned my head down, taking a quick sniff of my shirt; cringing as it smelt of sweat and alcohol. Pulling my clothes off and tossing them in my dirty laundry, now naked, I headed my way to my connecting bathroom. I winced slightly in pain as I yawned, my jaw ached ever so slightly.

"What happened last night?" I mumbled as I turned the shower on. Then the memories came flooding back. A blush formed on my cheeks as I remembered everything me and Taehyung had done. The dancing. The kissing. The blow job. I bite my lip at the sexy memory.

I need to see him again. I hummed at the thought, before taking a step into my shower. I sighed in relief as I felt the hot water run over my sore body. I began to wash my hair gently with some of my shampoo. A shower after a long night of dancing and drinking was always the best way to restart your day.

After a long while, I finished my shower. I just sat under the hot water for awhile, letting my sore body relax and allowing my muscles to loosen.

I slipped on simple grey sweats and a grey matching hoodie in my bedroom before heading out to my living area, slash kitchen. My apartment wasn't too large, it was quite small but managed just fine for me. I am only one person and didn't need too much space.

My living area consisted of a simple black couch, a small entertainment center which held my tv and gaming consoles, as well as a small coffee table which held a cute little plant in the middle. White blinds attached to my window on the right wall closest to the couch. Small accessories here and there, a blanket or a picture on the wall to add some aesthetically pleasing environment.

My kitchen area was pretty much the same. White cabinets and counters with a simple faux granite countertop. A slim white fridge with a freezer. A few kitchen appliances on the counters, a coffee machine, a standing mixer, air fryer, etc. Microwave attached to the wall above the oven. Both were a plain black color. Small simple grey sink adjacent to the oven.

I loved my apartment.

I close my bedroom door behind me and head over to my couch, ready to sit down and do absolutely nothing for my first day of break.

Then the doorbell went off. I let out an annoyed groan and stomped my way to the door. I leaned up and took a peek through the peephole.

There was a delivery person, making me frown in confusion.

I open the door and looked out at him.

"Can I help you?" I ask, glancing around.

"Park Jimin?" He asked.

"Yes that's me" He leaned down and handed me a large vase of an assorted mix of flowers. As well as a white box wrapped up with a pink bow.

"Uh who's this from?" I laugh nervously as I take it from him. He looked down at his little keyboard.

"A Kim Taehyung sent it to you. Have a nice day" He smiled before walking away. I stand still in shock as I hold onto the vase and box. I gently kick the door shut with my foot before spinning around and heading to my living room. I gently set the vase down on my kitchen counter. It was a large beautiful white sparkle vase filled with white and pink orchids. It was accented with some simple green leaves and stems, as well as what looked like fern leaves and babies breath. I frowned lightly as I gently touched some of the petals of the flowers.

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