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Jimin POV~

I panted heavily as sweat dropped off my face and onto the wood floor beneath my feet, looking up at myself in the mirror on the wall. My hair soaked in sweat as well as my tank top. Gently, I sat down on the floor, grabbing my towel and draping it over my face. I let out a heavy sigh of relief as I lay my body on the cool floor, it immediately soothing my burning skin.

"Once more. Just one more and I can go home" I pant to myself, affirming with a nod. I remove the towel from my face and toss it onto the floor. Craning up from my laying position, I roll over and grab my water bottle, lazily but thirstily drinking half of it in a couple mouthfuls.

I push myself up from the floor, rolling my neck and shoulders out a little bit to ease my muscles. I step over to the stereo system and turn the song back on before quickly stepping back into my place in the middle of the room. I slowly start to move my body to the music, watching my movement intensely in my reflection of the mirror.

Missed that step, and that one.

I sigh in frustration and stop dancing, shutting off the music and plopping onto the floor once again.

"I should go home and eat, and get some sleep. Maybe I'm just tired. I was doing so good an hour ago" I speak to myself. I rub my eyes tiredly as I speak, collecting my things from the floor lazily and tossing them into my dance bag. I stand from the floor and collect my phone before heading out, shutting the light off behind me.

I put in my ear buds as I started to walk out of the building, waving goodbye to the person that was managing the front desk. She gave a kind smile and a wave back before going back to what she was doing.

I step out of the building, immediately shivering slightly at the cold breeze outside the building. But it felt good against by sweaty, boiling skin. I sigh in relief and start to head towards the bus stop.

The city was quiet but not empty. A few cars drove by here and there, the occasional person on a bike. Teens scattered the streets in groups, assumingly enjoying the day off school today. Chatting, laughing, joking. I kind of miss my high school years, not the school, but the socializing between friends. Me and my friends, every weekend we'd go to a cafe and get breakfast before spending the day together. Either playing sports or going to one of each other's houses and playing video games for hours. Then for dinner we'd order take out. Ah, those were the days.

I smile fondly at the memories as I sat down at the bus stop bench. I stretch my back out a little bit as I get comfortable on the not-so-comfortable seat. I set my bag on the seat next to me before leaning on it gently.

My phone dinged with a text message.

[Jungkookie] Yo Jimin, are you wanting to come join me and Seokjin for soju tonight?

Ehh I just got out of dance practice and I'm kind of tired.

[Jungkookie] Please jiminie~. Seokjin is bringing his new boy toy and I don't wanna third wheel.

Okkayyy and that sounds like a you problem Jungkookie lol.

[Jungkookie] Jimin please! I'll buy you food! I don't wanna go aloooonnnee.

Alright, fine. I'll go. But I need to go home and shower.

[Jungkookie] Alright! Thank you Jiminie~

I groaned heavily in annoyance and rub my face tiredly, grabbing my bag. The bus then slowly pulls up in front of me, the door crane open with a loud and audible squeak. Tiredly, I stand up and climb onto the bus when it arrives and show my bus pass before taking a seat. Leaning on the window, I close my eyes tiredly as I await to arrive at my stop.


I slowly step into the bar, already uncomfortable. It was the weekend and everyone was at the bar, ready to forget the past weeks stressful work days. I scanned my eyes over the crowd and looked around for Jungkook.

I eventually spotted him in a booth with some people. But, there was three people across from him and not two. I frown lightly and head over to them in the booth. Eventually me and Jungkook caught eyes, and a wide grin spread across his face and he waved me over

"Jimin over here!" He called.

"I'm coming, not so loud" I pout and frown lightly in embarrassment.

"Guys this is my best friend Jimin" Jungkook grinned and scooted over so I could join him in the booth. I smiled shyly and looked down at the table awkwardly as I sat down. I stole a glance upwards and caught eyes with him.

His hair was black and somewhat shaggy, and curly. Eyes deep brown and intimidating, his skin was beautiful and slightly tanned. Plump pink lips.

I obviously drug my eyes up and down him, not being subtle about checking him out. Our eyes met again and he smirked at me smugly. I felt my face heat up as he did so. He bit down on his bottom lip and slowly let it drag out. I gulp lightly and turn away from him shyly, but I still felt his eyes on me.

"I'm Taehyung" he spoke finally. Taes voice was deep and beautiful, it made my ears feel like they were coated in honey when he spoke. I lifted my head and looked at him again, and his eyes were already on me.

"I'm Jimin" I almost whispered.

"Nice to meet you... Jimin" He drug out my name. Like he was rolling his tongue through fine wine, tasting it and feeling it in his mouth. My heart raced and my palms got sweaty as he said my name. I rubbed them on my pants to dry them anxiously.

"Are y'all done flirting?" Jungkook snorted, making me snap my eyes away from Tae and to look at him. Jungkook grinned playfully, like a child. I just blush without saying anything and turn just as a waitress set som soju bottles on the table.

I could still feel his eyes on me, and I liked it.

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