Ch.5 [M]

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When I opened my eyes, the room was dark; darker than before. I brought my hand to my face and rubbed my eyes tiredly. 

"You awake baby boy?" Taehyung asked. I put my hand down and looked up at him. He was leaning up against the bed frame, one arm resting behind his head. 

"Y-Yeah I'm awake. How long was I asleep for?" I sit up, leaning off of Taehyung and propping myself up on my hands. 

"Not long, maybe an hour or so. I really took it out of you didn't I?" Taehyung chuckled, running his fingers down my arm soothingly. I blush a little and sit down on the bed, only to have a shooting pain go up my back. I wince and immediately lean off of my butt, kind of leaning on my hand and thigh. 

"You alright?" Taehyung sat up, placing his hand on my leg. 

"Yeah it just kinda hurt to sit down" I laugh awkwardly and lay down on my side, wincing as I adjusted to a comfy position. Taehyung laughs as well, laying down on his side as well while facing me. 

"Is it normal to feel like that after losing your virginity?" I ask shyly. 

"For bottoms, yes it can be." Taehyung rubbed circles on the skin of my waist. I nodded my head as I listened to him. 

"So uh...How did you get involved in uh-you know?" I blush, awkwardly rubbing my neck. Taehyung smiles softly and looked at me with a gentle gaze. 

"You mean BDSM?" He quirks an eyebrow. 

"Uh yeah. I didn't know what it was called."

"Well. When I moved to Seoul I was seventeen, fresh out of high-school; moving from the countryside it was a whole new world to me. I started a part time job and met this girl. We clicked instantly and started dating. After a few months she said she was ready to start having sex, but there was somethings she wanted me to do to her. At first I thought she meant like anal or something." He laughs at himself. "Then she pulled this bucket from her closet and pulled out a bunch of things. Whips, chains, ropes, cuffs, the whole nine. I was kind of scared when she started explaining that she wanted me to hurt her, but once I started and realized how it felt for her and me both; it was a beautiful. We dated for two years but we decided different life paths and separated." Taehyung shrugs a shoulder, not even giving it a second thought. 

"Did you do this with any other people? Besides her, and me" 

"Yes. In total I've had maybe five partners in my life that I've been this intimate with. All of them wanted something different than I, so we parted." 

"By wanting something different, what do you mean? Like no longer wanted to do BDSM or, wanting to date other people?" I ask, trying to understand what he meant. 

"Our relationships were exclusive, we only had sex with each other, treated each other as if we were dating, but we weren't. It was basically like a friends with benefits situation. They always wanted more than what we had and I wasn't willing to have more so we ended things. I don't know where any of them are now." 

Nothing more? Then what is this? I frown lightly. 

"So what is this? What are we doing here?" I look up at him. Taehyung shrugged and brushed my hair back a little. 

"I seen you the other night and knew I just had to make you mine. You were just so cute and innocent looking, I had to take some of that for myself." Taehyung trailed his finger down my jawline. I frown and pout a little, leaning away from him; making Taehyung frown in confusion. 

"Why'd you pull away?" He asked. 

"You didn't answer my question Tae. What is this? What are we doing?" I sit up a little and look down at him. He sighs and props up on his arms. 

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