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ELEVEN, skin

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ELEVEN, skin

italics — rues narration

(smut warning!! reminder, this is fiction. please wrap it
up in real life.)


athena and fez sat cuddled up next to each other on the couch, ash seated on the other couch, their eyes fixated on the television screen. they were watching the star wars trilogy, ash's pick.

he was so heavy into the movie and shoving popcorn in his face that he didn't seem to notice the fact that athena and fez had been fooling around for most of the movie, whispering to each other so they didn't interrupt ash.

he didn't seem to care anyway, although he had told them to shut up a couple of times. the two just couldn't seem to shut their mouths and keep their hands to themselves.

with a blanket over the two, fez draped one of athena's legs over his, his hand resting firmly on her thigh. it was enough to get the girl slightly flustered, her cheeks heating up every time he rubbed his thumb gently over her skin.

"what you blushing for?" he leaned towards her, whispering near her ear so she could hear him. this only made her blush more, purely out of embarrassment. "i'm not." she tried to hide it, although it was literally written all over her face.

fez smirked to himself and chuckled under his breath as he turned his head back to the movie. in truth, he wasn't actually trying to get athena started up. she was just touch sensitive, and he wasn't complaining.

"help me, obi-wan kenobi. you're my only hope." ash quoted the television, making athena and fez look his way. ash gave a questioning look to the two, "fuck are you looking at?" his tone made the two look away quickly, but laugh quietly to each other about how truly dorky what he just did was.

"he loves star wars. i know he don't let you in his room but he got action figures and shit." fez whispered. "he does let me in his room." she admitted. he gave her a look, "what the fuck? he don't even let me into his room." fez frowned. "guess you're just not special." she sighed, a snarky grin on her face. "oh yeah?" he asked.

she nodded, "yeah." she tested him. as a way to deride the girl, fez inched his hand closer to her inner thigh. he wasn't planning on touching her, and athena knew it. still, she wanted to see how far she could push him before he would. with his hand inched closer in a taunting manner, athena reached her hand under the blanket and placed her hand right on his bulge.

he shifted in his seat almost immediately, looking over at her with a hard look on his face. athena was surprised that he didn't react much, but his face showed no amusement. "don't start shit unless you really wanna start shit." he muttered. with her hand not moving, fez accepted the challenge.

without a single word, he slid his hand from her thigh to in between them. almost on que, ash stood up with his blanket and empty popcorn bowl and walked past the couple. "i'm going to bed!" he called out once he reached his room, slamming the door behind him to let them know he was in his room.

athena was practically dripping, her thighs enclosing around his hand as soon as he touched her. a light slap to her skin made them open back up quickly, "you can't handle it now? stop playing with me." his eyes were still fixated on the tv screen, even as his fingers worked into athena.

she struggled to keep her moans under control, biting down on her lip so hard that she was surprised she hadn't drawn blood yet. fez loved the sight of it, glancing over at her from time to time.

athena was so pleasured that she hadn't noticed that the movie ended, and was now rolling credits. fez's fingers still worked in and as soon as athena came, his fingers slipped out of her and pulled the blanket off of her. "cmon, with your lil teasing ass." she huffed as she pulled her skirt back down, only to be lifted off the couch and onto fez's lap.

a harsh spank was planted on her ass, making her gasp. fez chuckled, roughly grinding the girl down on his lap. she moaned out which quickly made fez kiss her to shut her up, his hand groping her jaw to keep her where she was.

"fez..." athena pulled away from the kiss, still being pulled against the man. "hm?" he mumbled. "i want you in me," she admitted. without another word fez pushed athena off of him, undoing his belt and pulling down his pants along with his boxers.

athena's mouth could have dropped open. he was big and it made her nervous, she could've sworn he heard her gulp. "what you waiting for?" he gripped the back of her hair, practically dragging her back onto his lap. she lifted her skirt and pushed her panties to the side, fez lining himself up at her entrance.

her mouth gaped open as she slid down onto him, fez barely giving her anytime to adjust before he started slamming her down onto him. she placed her hands on his chest to slow down his pace, afraid that ashtray would hear their skin slapping together and come out of his room.

"fez, slow down." athena whined. "nah, you wanted this right? so take it." he muttered. his hand trailed down to her pussy (sorry), his thumb rubbing her clit in small circles. athena moaned out loud which made fez slap his hand over her mouth. "shh." he silenced her as best as he could. "cmon, be quiet."

he continued to thrust up into her, his hand never once moving from her mouth. athena couldn't believe how good sex could feel. she wondered if fez was a god or if she was just having bad sex with bad people, because the feelings she had that night were beyond her knowledge.

she gripped his wrist tightly as she felt a knot form in her stomach. fez knew exactly what was happening without athena even saying a word, keeping his same pace until athena tilted her head back and began to grind her hips against fezco, riding out her high as fez rode out his.

they both let out gasps of air, fez's eyes never left athena. "i always wanted to fuck you when we were just friends, now i know why." she laughed, completely out of breath. she rested her front against fezco, needing a small break from what just happened. fez chuckled, "stop playing before we go for round two."


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