V, carnival

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FIVE, carnival

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FIVE, carnival

italics — rues narration


"what you need?" fez asked, a blunt hanging out of his mouth as he lit it. athena tilted her head at the boy, "ferris wheel?" she gave him puppy dog eyes. "i'm working." he said bluntly, inhaling the smoke and blowing it over athena's head.

she rolled her eyes in response, "fez!" he looked over quickly at the pretzel truck to see if ash was struggling, which he wasn't. "you said you would stop for ten minutes to ride the ferris wheel with me!" she argued like a child, which fez found amusing.

he shook his head as he pulled his back off of the tree he was leaning on and wrapped his arm around athena's shoulder, walking with her to the ferris wheel. "you're a fuckin' brat, man." he muttered, taking the blunt out of his mouth and handing it to her. she smiled proudly, inhaling the smoke and handing it back to fez.

"can we go on twice?" she looked up at fez, who didn't even think twice before shaking his head. "you're pushing it now, i gotta work shorty." she frowned, and he rested his head on hers to ease the rejection. "well, can you make another ten minutes later so we can ride another ride?" she asked. he nodded, moving her head with his.

as they reached the ferris wheel, athena handed two tickets to the operator for her and fez and they got into a booth. fez shifted a lot in his seat after the operator pulled the bar down for protection, "this shit is crushing my dick." he spoke honestly to the operator, who didn't say anything as he walked away. fez handed athena his blunt before the ride started, her being mid puff as it did. "fuck,"

i was in front of gravitron with jules and lexi when fez and athena got on the ferris wheel, so i can't accurately recite exactly what happened. but fez was high and with athena, which isnt a good mix for him emotionally because he gets vulnerable fast. and the ferris wheel was having some complications that night because of poor electrical work.

fez looked down at the ground as they continued to levitate off the ground, "i think i got a fear of heights or some shit," she furrowed her brows as she handed the blunt back to him. "so if i rocked this..." she contemplated. "stop." he said sternly, knowing she wouldn't listen.

and she didn't, the girl rocking back and forth to make the booth they were in move. the ride went around a few times as fez gripped protective bar for dear life, "stop!" the terrified state he was in made athena laugh hysterically. "you think this is funny? wait till we get off athena, i swear."

as if the universe had other plans for athena and fez, the ferris wheel abruptly stopped its cycle around. fez and athena were almost all the way at the top of the ferris wheel, looking down at the ground confused. "what the fuck?" fez said, athena looked down at the operator who struggled to get the ride working again.

"you did that." fez blamed her. she looked at him with an offended expression, "no i didn't!" she defended herself. "yeah, cause you wanna rock shit. can't sit still." he shook his head, resting it against the side of the ride. athena and fez sat in silence as they waited for the ride to start back up. but soon, the silence caught up to athena and she started to laugh.

fez looked over at her, "what's so funny, huh?" he raised a brow. she shrugged, "we're stuck..." as if it was almost nervous laughter, fez joined in. they both laughed together, glancing at each other from time to time as they did. and after a while, they fell silent again.

fez looked over at athena, who was kicking her feet in the air and tapping her shoes together. he admired the girl until she whipped her head around to him, making him look away quickly. "i saw that." he shook his head, "shut up," athena laughed.

"what's with you staring at me lately?" she asked, resting her head against the ride as she looked over at him. he shrugged, "i don't know." athena squinted her eyes at him, "okay..." her voice trailed off. she looked out of the booth to the sky, the stars starting to show as the night fell.

it was almost ten. fez looked over to athena again, watching her look up at the sky. the starts twinkled in her eyes and gave a reflection back to fez. he smiled to himself and looked down at his feet dangling out of the ride.

fez isn't one for cliche shit, nor is he one for anything remotely romantic. he never even had a girlfriend, at least not officially. and he never really wanted one. because of his lifestyle, and the fact that he didn't think he actually had time for it. and he wasn't good with words or expressing his emotions, which i guess tie into each other in a way.

but with athena, he felt different. he actually liked her, and for the first time he felt like he could actually be in love. and it was dumb to say, but he saw this happen in movies like all the time.

"i like your face...?" he said in the form of a question. she turned her head to the side and gave a confused face to fez, but smiled. "what?" she laughed. he shook his head, "nothing, never mind." he muttered, starting to feel sorry for himself.

athena wasn't letting it slide though, "fez," she said in a soft tone. he shrugged, "i can't explain it to you." she frowned, "why not?" she asked, feeling like fez had built up a wall between them.

he didn't. he just genuinely didn't know what the fuck to say.

he struggled to find the words, "when i'm with you, i feel different. like, i can't explain this shit to you. you make me feel good," athena stared at him with a blank face, not knowing what to say. "i haven't felt this way about anyone. it's been years, man." he chuckled, and looked over at athena who had a soft smile on her face.

"it might be the weed talking, i don't know." he looked back down at the ground. "you're so cute," she sighed, still staring at him. he looked back up quickly, a slight smile on his face. "you think so?" he asked, she nodded.

they stared at each other for a minute, fez looking into her eyes for what felt like forever. he didn't even think as he leaned in and placed his hand on her face, his thumb resting against her cheek. she didn't move back, and everything in fez was telling him to kiss her. and he wanted to, he really did.

after a few more seconds of them staring at each other not knowing what to do next, fez leaned in and kissed her. as their lips interlocked, the ride began to move again.


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