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The chapter ahead contains killing scene which might be disturbing for some readers


"WHERE IS SHE, GODDAMMIT?" he roared like an enraged lion.

"Boss! we looked everywhere, but we couldn't find any trace of her." A man said with his head low.

The boss' deadly gaze stuck on that man's face. He stood up, gradually taking steps to the man facing floor, "find her..." He said through gritted teeth, and clenched his jaw "else, no one can find the trace of your grave!"


Excruciating whimpers and screams, making her head explode.

Her body is numb.

'Why I can't open my eyes?'

Another frightening scream. She wished to run away.

"This is all your fault! You made me do this!" He roared idignantly.

This voice seem familiar to her.

"W-what did I d-do?" The man asked absolutely petrified.

He gave a chuckle in response.

"W-what a-are you going to do w-with her?"

'Her..? Is he talking about me?' Many questions storming in her head. 'Exactly, what he gonna do with me? WHERE I AM? MOREOVER, WHY? I wish it to be a nightmare.'

"THAT'S NONE OF YOUR CONCERN, YOU BASTARD!!" he yelled and slapped the man across his face.

"Are you g-going to k-kill me?" He cried.

"If it's for the sake of the girl I love, I won't hesitate to kill anyone!"

"I'll stay away from her, please spare my l-life."

"What's done is done! Now shut that filthy mouth of yours, and die!" He suddenly exploded into maniacal laughter.

The injured man cried out, his voice screeching in pain.

Her eyes snapped open, his cries reverberating in her ears. She wanted to scream a 'NO' but it just happened, and the man was lying on floor.

Stabbed in chest, his whole body was covered in blood.

She felt nauseous. tears streaming down her cheeks, her field of vision blurred.

She saw a figure next to the now dead man, however, he stood in front of her before she could say knife.

Both of his hand painted with blood. Sweat decorating his forehead. He stretched his hand to caress her cheek, she snapped her head on the other side.

"How could you be this cruel?"

"Are you going to k-kill me too?"


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