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"Yes dad, I'm absolutely fine!" I said assuredly.

"Alright sweetheart." He seems relived now. " we can not contact each other till I resolve this problem."

"Dad we're not afraid of anyone-"

"But I am afraid to lose you, I'm afraid to lose the only family I have." His voice filled with sadness. "They might get to you by tracking our phones"

"Right then!"

"Please be safe, darling y/n"

"I will dad, don't worry."

I ended the call after biding a bye.

I'm confused. I know my father is one of the most successful business men in South Korea, thereof it's understandable that he's being chased by some mafia. Money is what they want, right? But what's beyond my understanding is why he's not involving police in the matter.

Of course he's doing this for me. He doesn't want to lose me.

I was lost in my train of thoughts, worried for my father. I didn't realize that our car is jammed in front of a mansion now. chauffeur opened the door of my side.

"We arrived ma'am!" He informed me.

I stepped out of car. "where are we? Dad said I'll be staying at mom's apartment, didn't he?" I glared the driver.

"I have no idea ma'am. I'm under Mr.Jung's order. on our way here I received a message from him in which he said we should come here instead." He explained.

" And why he said that?"

"I'm sorry ma'am, again, I have no idea" his gaze fixed on the ground.

"Is he here, in the house?" Irritation evidently decorated on my face. I really wanted to stay at mom's apartment. I want to live in the memories for a while.

He nodded to the lady coming our direction "take her to Mr.Jung"

"Ma'am... This way please." She started walking a step ahead of me.

I walked along with her inside the mansion until I saw someone downstairs answering his phone "it's Jung over there, right?"

"Yes ma'am."

"I'm going to speak with him"

"As you please, ma'am!"

He has ended the call by the moment I reached him.


He turned to face me.

"Yes, miss y/n!" He replied with a soft voice "how can I help you?"

"Why I'm here and not at my mom's apartment?" I raised an eyebrow "care to explain?"

"Mr.Kim told me to do so. Our enemies know all of our places, thereof, your father didn't want to risk his beloved daughter's life."

"whose mansion is this?" I continued my inquiry as I have many questions running in my head.

"This mansion belong to Mr.Jeon Jungkook. His father was friends with your father, though Mr. Jeon Jungsuk is no longer with us but his son has taken care of everything in his place." He explained.

The piece of information I got from him was quite enough for me at that moment as I was tired and want to rest.

After talking to Hoseok for few more minutes I went my room and laid down on the bed for a nap.



I came in garden to inhale some fresh air. I was strolling beneath the sky as I've always enjoyed it.

The environment was quite peaceful until I heard a car honking its horn, and all of a sudden a dog came in my sight, rushing towards me..?

"Shit-" I make a run for my life.

It chased me.

I kept looking backward to see the distance between me and the dog shorten.

All of a sudden the world spun, I bumped into something very solid. My knees loose the balance I was falling...

He hold me in the place by grabbing my shoulders.

"What's happening woman?"


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