16: internship

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What should (Y/n)'s costume look like?

Also this is gonna be a little short, just a fair warning.


A name. That was all it took to select it out of the small pile of letters you received.

You didn't select him because he was your idol, he wasn't. Not when his son hinted at the fact that he wasn't a good father.

No, you selected the letter because you were curious.

Why would he want to intern you after you beat his prodigy in front of him? And why would a man that does strict business and doesn't waste time with little things want a literal walking disaster?

...actually, he sounds like a reliable hero if you ignore the embodiment of child abuse and neglect that is Todoroki Shoto.

"It seems you are ready to take the path of the mighty, huh?"

Oh. Seems like you came in at the wrong time... but wait. You were scheduled to meet him now...

Already, you weren't very impressed with the man's lack of time management as he was clearly in the middle of something behind that door.

"I will take a path of my own." A familiar voice said.

Deciding not to waste any more time, you knocked on the door. The voices quieted down in there before a voice spoke up.

"State your business." A gruff voice said.

"I'm here for my internship." You responded.

"Come in."

You walked through the door to see Endeavour and his son, Shoto having a conversation.

"You're a minute late." Endeavour said.

"I assumed I was intruding on a conversation." You said.

The man grunted at this before gesturing Shoto to leave.

"Get ready. We will be going out." Endeavour said to the bicolored kid.

Shoto looked between you two before simply nodding and leaving. You stared toward the man, looking him straight in the eyes as he stared you back. The room was pretty dark, fancy, but dark, and the sunset didn't help much either.

"(L/n) (Y/n)..." the man addressed you.

"Endeavour sir." You addressed back.

The man frowned down at you before speaking.

"You put on quite the show at the festival... beaten my son, and then made threatening gestures to the green haired kid."

You visibly tensed at the second part but kept a straight face.

"Yes, everyone saw you making those gestures. They didn't know who it was for, but I sure did." The man approached you until he stood right in front of you.

You almost thought fire was going to touch you due to the heat.

"You proven time me that my son needed to do better, to train more... I am thankful that you were the one to force him to use his fire."

You narrowed your eyes a bit before responding.

"It wasn't Todoroki Shoto's fault that I won. He wasn't fighting All Might. He was fighting me." You said, taking Endeavour off guard from the bluntness.

"I know you want that kid to surpass the old bag that is All Might, but he isn't going to achieve anything when fighting me." You continued.

"He already proved himself when fighting Deku. That green haired kid is the shadow of All Might. I am not."

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