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I look over at Talia, who is being awfully suspicious. "What aren't you telling me?"

"Cam is my half-brother. We have the same dad." She blurts.

"What? That's why you got that special treatment!" I tell her, shocked.

"I'm sorry!"

"Is there anything else you're not telling me? Do you have a secret boyfriend?" I snap at her.

"There are no more siblings or a secret boyfriend. I pinky promise! You know everything now!" she says, handing me her pinky.

"Forget the pinky promise. You need to thumb promise," I tell her, looking her straight in the eyes. The thumb promise first started when we were young. We think of it more highly than a pinky promise. If you break a thumb, promise your finger breaks. At least that's what we said as kids.

"I thumb promise!" she says, curling her thumb onto my thumb.

"So, are you close with your brother?" I ask her. I can't believe she has a brother I know nothing about.

"He sees me as his sister, not just half. Family is important, but it wasn't always like that. I lived with my mom and he lived with dad's new family. "

"We have reached the Crescent Moon Pack's dorm." Ms. Florence interrupts. This isn't what I was expecting a dorm building to look like. It's more like a HUGE cottage. There are even some leaves growing from the building.

"You know where to find me if you need anything." Ms. Florence says, leaving us. I take the leash off of Ghost, knowing he will stay close to me if I tell him to.

"We'll talk more about Caelum another time. Let's explore. This place is enormous!" Talia grabs my arm as we walk through the door.

I see people of different races upon entering. Not one person looks like the other, making it difficult to tell the witches from the werewolves. How is a human girl supposed to know the difference?

It's kind of like a werewolf sorority house. I smile and wave at some girls I see talking in a corner of the room. They throw me dirty looks. This is going to be quite the year.

This place is enormous and gives off cottage vibes. They placed plants all around the house. The furniture is a perfect mixture of modern and vintage. There's such a cozy-looking window seat which would be great for reading books. An immense fireplace is the focal point of the living room.

"Come on, Freya, let's go check out the rest of the house!" Talia says, pulling my hand so that I could follow.

She takes us straight towards the kitchen. I swear she's always hungry. Maybe it's a werewolf thing? The kitchen is very white and there are even plants around the kitchen. You can see some vines from the window that are on the outside of the house. There's a beautiful view of the forest. I almost feel like Snow White.

She rummages through the fridge and finally hands me things we need to make some bomb sandwiches with. I hand her the finished sandwich, but someone grabs it out of her hands.

"Wow, I have the best sister!" the guy jokes. "How did you know I was hungry?!"

I look up and guess who I see! The guy who found Ghost and her brother are the same people! He doesn't bat an eye, as our eyes meet. He is the last person I expected to meet here. My jaw drops, but I quickly cover up how shocked I am.

"That wasn't for you!" I yell at him, his body face remaining stone. His bodies don't twitch a bit as he walks away. Did he not recognize me? Well, two can play that game. I make another sandwich and once again hand it to Talia.

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