Lost Beyond the Domain (Part 2)

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"Link? Link! Link, where are you!!!"

The feeble cries caused my knees to buckle from fatigue as I gradually crumbled to the mossy ground, unable to contain my violent choking as several droplets of blood spewed upon the stone slab I was propped across. I must regain my composure or else... no, yelling will not be beneficial in any way. All my efforts thus far were to no avail, reaping no promising answers as a result. At this rate, I'm going to lose what was left of this frail voice of mine —the last source of salvation to get me out of this hapless predicament, much more surviving!

Question is, how long had I been unconscious for? Judging by the bump on my dorsal fin, probably four, maybe five hours at most... and I wished every bit of it was only a bad dream.... Father and Muzu surely must have noticed something was not right back home and sent out a search party... or so I hoped. Perhaps the Hylians were also made aware of our disappearance and joined in the effort?

However, as much all this compiled stress unsettled me, it was the least of my concerns at the moment, far from deserving any immediate attention. Link and I were separated from each other, and being isolated in this... alien environment made my senses tingle in means never experienced. In all my years, which weren't many to count, I never ventured this far from the comfort of my home. Even when I practiced on climbing the waterfalls situated on the Domain's outskirts, Muzu or Bazz accompanied me at all times, no exception. Frankly, I had no clue where I was stranded or if I was even within the Domain's inscribed territory. The Zora river could have swept us beyond what I imagined possible.... Instances like these made me wish I paid more attention to Muzu's geographical lectures on outlying regions.

Now was not the time to get lost in my thoughts as I quickly sensed my environment shifting into a darker ambience, beckoning at the approaching, yet unavoidable darkness.

"Father... oh father! Where can you possibly be?! I'm scared... I'm scared to be alone... without you."

I paused momentarily to catch my breath... switching over to using my lungs at full capacity was not a simple task after a treacherous jaunt down the river... it was as if a million sea urchin needles punctured them every second.

"Please... father... I don't want to be alone...."

My cries continued to be met by the howling wind which chilled my core. No, enough waiting had elapsed by already, I will attempt to establish a basic knowledge of my surroundings at least until father and the others arrive. No sense in staying around like a lost child and be picked up by worse fortune; that as much is what I learned in life.

Unexpectedly, and to my surprise, the moment I stood up, I immediately came crashing down to the ground, a cruel surge of pain searing up my right foot. Glancing down, I was horrified to find a fresh, glaring scar running alongside my calf, actively gushing dark blood... how in Nayru did I not notice it until now?! Out of all times to be injured!

Had I not perceived it earlier, now it brutally attacked me in full force. I clenched my teeth as hard as I could to avoid yelling —something I felt should not be carried out here. It was without a doubt the most tense and excruciating moment of my life. After much trial and error, I barely managed to drag my exhausted body across the muddy bank to a nearby tree trunk, resting against its hard surface as I hovered my hands over the now infected gash, slowly but steadily healing it in a grueling process. No child should ever experience the sheer amount of agony I endured.

I healed my fair share of injuries in the past... some simple, others slightly more urgent... but never something of this degree, much less one being inflicted upon myself.

It took a while, but just as the open wound finally healed itself, an anomalous, alien-like snarl emerged from beyond the stone slab positioned in front of me, causing my hands to suddenly freeze in place.

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