Vah Ruta (Part 1)

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Everything was peaceful. Quite. Not a sound at all. Even the crickets themselves were silent. They were the perfect conditions to sleep in water just the way I liked it to be.

The sensation felt almost heavenly. Really, sleeping in water is the only was to do it. I couldn't imagine how someone could actually sleep on those hard... beds... no matter how soft and fluffy they were. Water was just... it felt like you were resting on air. Free. If only I could sleep forever like this. I just want to fade away an-

At that moment, the ground began to shake violently, as if a massive earthquake struck. My deep sleep was obviously interrupted and I opened my eyes only to be met by Seggin, who scooped me out of the turbulent water and set me aside.

I was still fumbling with my sober eyes and I stumbled down onto the floor sleepily. What in Nayru is going on?!

Glancing around, I saw that other Zoras were fairing no better and desperately tried to hold on to sturdy objects. I too, followed suite and grabbed onto a pillar that seemed solid enough and held for dear life. The entire scenario had me worried. Scared in fact. This was not the ideal welcoming imagine I had in mind of waking up to!

Looking back, the others seemed to be doing just fine. Seggin was attending to any that were injured by falling debris. Wait, was father and Sidon okay?! At this point, it looked like the entire Domain might go down! What will we do?!

It's okay Mipha... just take a deep breath and calm down. It's nothing more than an earthquake... a more severe one. Everyone will be just fine.

After several moments, the violent tremoring abruptly subsided, much to my surprise and everyone else's. It was quite puzzling. If I was correct, earthquakes around these regions didn't behave in such manners. They very rarely occur anyway, much less act like this. Something else was going on here and I intend to find out.

While nearby Zoras still stood clutching to their objects and whimpering like babies, I quickly dashed outside to inspect the damage done. The bright sun hit me and hard and I tried to block the sudden beams of light with my hands. The abrupt transition from darkness to sunlight really was burdensome sometimes.

Looking around, it was quickly apparent that no major damage was caused. Sure, vases lay shattered all over the ground and sculptures here and there were cracked but... it wasn't that serious as I assumed. That was a good thing in itself. As long as no one was hurt, we'll be fine.

Now, first thing first... I need to check on father and Sidon. It sounded pretty ironic since normally he would be the one looking out for me at every step but lately... I've been having a sense of responsibility on my shoulders. I've noticed that I began to care more for other's problems and basically anything they needed help with. It felt almost liked I wanted to help, like a.... ruler... like mom.

Some said it was a growing habit of a royal child, which quickly would mature into much more complex feelings and emotions, fit for governing a kingdom.

Great... there I go again... letting my head get lost again with unnecessary things. I need to get through this havoc....

Better said than done. It looks like the earthquake has caused a bigger mess than I thought. Traversing this chaos would be pretty difficult. Cleaning it was out of the question. Where could the other Zoras be hiding? Actually, where were they anyway? There wasn't a single soul in sight now that I think of it. Where-

"Mipha! Over here!"

I looked behind me to the familiar voice. Of course it was her, of all the Zoras.

"Yeah, what you you want Kodah?" I replied back annoyed.

"What do you mean what do I want?" Haven't you seen what happened here?" Kodah responded back sharply.

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