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Screams fill the room as I wake up from that nightmare. Werewolf. I wipe some sweat off my forehead. Looking out the window, the sun casts away the darkness the night brought. I take a deep breath. There's this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I can't quite shake.

The thought I once had that this was just a dream has left my mind. Worry is the only thing that is left in its place. Witches and werewolves are real. Is it really that far off to believe that this is some sort of a vision And if that's true, why is that man after me? Once again, more questions than answers.

Turning my head, I notice the still asleep wolf on my bed. He must still feel unwell if he could sleep through my screams. Upon further inspection, I notice the wolf slowly transform. His fur turns to skin, his paws become hands and feet. His muzzle turns into a face, and not just any face. Caelum.

So he was the black wolf that I was cuddling and the same wolf that protected me in the forest. Everything in me is so drawn to him. When I look into his eyes, I can't help but trust every single thing he says.

To see if I am seeing something, I rub my eyes. But a very naked Cam is still under my blankets. This looks so bad! I cover my mouth to muffle my scream so he doesn't wake. This shouldn't come as a shock to me. I mean, this is the least crazy thing I've witnessed since coming here. People can appear out of nowhere. My best friend is actually a hybrid. The list goes on.

I shake my head to stop these thoughts from filling my mind. I glance over and notice his right arm is still bloody. Don't wolves have super healing or something? Now that's a question I should've asked. Getting up, I grab the first aid kit. I don't want that to get infected or anything. I slowly sit on the bed so that it doesn't creak. I'm not mentally ready for the confrontation part yet. 

"How did I end up here?!" he snaps, my arm hovering over his arm.

"You're injured," I reply, pointing to his arm that just healed before my very eyes. "I couldn't just leave you there. You were injured." I whisper.

"Well, that wasn't necessary." He protests.

"A simple thanks would suffice. Do you know how hard it was carrying you here?!" I fume, trying to ignore those sapphire eyes I could get lost in. He has a fiance, I remind myself.

"No offense, but there's no way you carried me home!" he says, his eyebrows furrow in confusion.

"Well, if I knew you were the wolf, I would've just left you there," I tell him, his face remaining emotionless. What a tough crowd. "There's something called a joke," I tell him, rolling my eyes.

"Well, you can't run around the forest, you know, especially at night. You're lucky I got there the moment I did," he tells me in a serious tone, ignoring what I said.

"I'm surprised you even got there since your tongue seemed pretty occupied at the party..." I tell him, regretting it the second those words come out of my mouth. I need to stop letting my emotions get the best of me. This, whatever this is, will never work out.

"I'm the alpha, and you need to show me some respect." He growls. I think this is the first time he has shown me genuine emotion since I got here. What happened to the guy that helped me in those woods?

"Respect is earned, not given. And quite frankly, you haven't earned it." I tell him. He must be so used to always getting his way, well not with me, he's not. No one talks to me like that and gets away with it.

He looks at me again, that emotionless facade back on. A long silence passes. "T-thanks for helping me." he forces out.

"Well, let's just call it even. You saved me first," I reply, avoiding eye contact. He sure is hard to read. "Who was that wolf, anyway?"

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