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The loud rumble of the house is down to a murmur. So many things through my mind, one of them being Caelum and the other Vera. Why is she such a hateful person when I have done nothing to her? Can you imagine if she knew Cam is my mate? I'm sure she would hate me more if that's even possible. It seems the main reason that I'm here is to gain more problems. I need to do a better job of avoiding my mate.

Forcing myself to stop thinking about these issues, I grab a pan and get cooking. Talia's birthday skillet comes to mind, making my mouth water. I decide to make a bunch because the pack members will be back soon and werewolves are always hungry. Look at me trying to make a good impression on everyone.

I cook the sausages and throw in some chopped veggies in the pan. Once they are all cooked, I add some shredded cheese. Finally, I fry a bunch of eggs.

My delicious savory breakfast is ready to be eaten. I grab a plate and sit on the stool by the counter. I hear the wooden floor creak and quickly turn my head.

"It's my favorite person!" I smile, but my eyes find those beautiful sapphires. "I was talking about Talia," I assure Caelum. I'm already a failure when it comes to avoiding him. Wonderful.

A half-smile appears on Cam's face like a casual piece of armor. My heart skips a beat. And here I thought he couldn't get any more attractive. I try to distract myself from the butterflies flying around in my stomach.

Talia snickers at my awkwardness.

"Well, do you want some of my delicious breakfast skillet or not?" I question, making eye contact with her.

"Do I ever say no to food?" she exclaims. "Come on, you know me way better than that!"

I leave my plate on the counter and get up to put some for her.

"Here you go, my darling!" I chuckle, handing her the plate of breakfast skillet.

"Hey!" I yell at Cam, who at this moment is enjoying my plate of food.

"You can't be mad at your favorite person? Can you?" he flirts, winking at me.

I try my best to ignore that gorgeous smirk that appears on his face. My body betrays me. There goes the butterflies again. He grabs my empty plate and puts it in the sink. I annoyingly grab myself another plate of food.

As he walks out of the kitchen, I yell at him, "I never said you were my favorite person!". I wish I knew what was going on in that brain of his.

"I'm going to get him when he least expects it!" I tell Talia.

"Girl, he loves to eat!" she tells me through her laughter.

"Yea, he loves eating my food!!" I sigh.

"Well, your food is always the best tasting," she chuckles. "Do you really blame him?"

"Um, yea. I do. My food is off limits!"

"Looks like you guys were getting along."

"I guess," I mumble.

"It's nice to see him smile these days. He hasn't really been himself since they pushed him into the engagement. Kind of like a shell of his former self. I don't know how our dad can see that and do nothing. He cares more about the people than his own family."

"I can't even imagine being in that position." I shake my head.

"But enough of the depressing topic. I have a question for you."

"Okay, ask away," I respond, glad for the subject change.

"We never really talked about how you felt about this whole situation since we got here..." she trails off, "And summer semester is starting soon..."

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