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The first days of class don't usually make me nervous, but today my stomach is doing somersaults. I take a final glance at myself. My hair is in a half-up style, which accentuates my curls.

Should I wear something casual or more dressed up? I don't want to stand out. I grab my favorite mom jeans and white crop top. I put my black diamond necklace on and throw on my white sneakers. I'm physically ready but mentally, I'm just not there yet. My feet are stuck to the floor.

"Freya!" I hear my name being called from the kitchen.

I slowly force my feet to take a step.

"See you later, Ghost." I pause for a second, waiting for a reply.


I continue walking, too nervous to question why Ghost is back to barking. I reach the kitchen.

"Freya, there is no need to be this worried."

"Everyone is going to be divided into groups, depending on their gift and experience. Neither of which I have." I breathe.

She grabs my arm, walking me towards her yellow buggie.

"You'll do great!" she encourages, closing the passenger door as I have a seat.

We start the short drive to school. The black ink road seems so dark, compared to the beautiful greenery that surrounds it. I never seem to get used to nature here. The trees that are more bright and green. The sweet flowers that I can smell from the car. The birds are so vividly colored.

"Earth to Freya," she points to the school, "we have reached our destination."

I follow her towards the main entrance to the familiar lady that was here the first day we arrived.

"Hello, girls!" The lovely lady says to us, a smile that seems to always be on her face.

"Hello." We say in unison.

"You must be here for the supplies you need for your classes." She states as we hand her our school schedules.

"Ah, you guys have Magic 101 with Luna Lightheart and History of Magic with Marcellus Grimm." She turns and gathers our supplies. She balances four leather books in her hand. The books nearly fall over as she quickly turns. 

"Here you go," she says smiling, handing them to us.

One of the books she hands me is black. History of Magic is written on it in gold letters. Gold, swirls cover the border. The other is a red book. Written on that is Magic 101: Beginners Spells and Potions in gold color. Below that, a golden star with a similar swirl border.

"Well, Magic 101 starts in 5 minutes girls, so I would start heading that way! Oh and don't be late to Mr. Grimm's class, he hates that!" the sweet lady says.

"Thank you, Miss!" I tell her.

"You could just call me Tabitha dear. Good luck." Tabitha tells us, as we turn around to find our first class.

Girls crowd the halls that lead to Professor Luna's class. None other than Vera is at the very center. Please don't tell me she's in our class. She says something that I can't hear, but as I pass they all look and giggle.

"Don't let them get to you," Talia says, trying to make me feel better.

"I won't," I reply, walking with my head held high. Being sensitive is not going to cut it here. And I most definitely will not let Vera win.

"Well, are you still nervous?"

"I've got to thank Vera for that," I joke, "cause I'm just annoyed now."

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