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"Sissy" I said hugging Majesty.

"Hey boo you look good" she said smiling big causing me to smile.

"You look good too" I said smiling.

"Hey Zion it's nice to see you again" I said holding my hand out then he shook it.

"Hey Zohra it's nice to see you again as well" he said then I took my hand back then I looked at Majesty.

"I know that look and he's perfect Zohra I really want him to meet granny and pop-pop" she said smiling really big.

"As long as you're happy and he's not putting his hands on you inappropriately it's all good and you know granny and pop-pop gone show out" I said then she nodded.

"I know but how was your day and did you meet your new roommate" she asked while the music in the club blared while we sat in the back of the club in the private area that Durk had reserved for us.

"It was good I saw Mrs.Washington today and she wants to have lunch with us next Saturday, and my roommate happens to be her son Tribe he doesn't talk much which I ain't gotta problem with but his girlfriend so annoying yo" I said rolling my eyes at the thought of her.

"Oh my gosh yes we need to have lunch I miss her it's been a minute since we talked, and what she do" she asked with an eyebrow raised.

"She just mad insecure and think imma take her mam from her yea he's fine but I'm not that type of female if y'all in a relationship imma respect that a thousand and one percent but she doesn't get that and I'm fine tryna tell her like I know how it feels to be cheated on and I refuse to be some rebound pussy for anybody" I said honestly then she nodded.

"Purrr mama and granny raised us right self respect is so imperative to have" she said causing me to smile.

"It us but that's them coming in tattoos and white girl" I said then she nodded looking over at them slightly.

"Bestie let's dance papi don't come out till 11:30" India said smiling then I got up and joined her.

"You so lucky you my bestie" I said smiling.

"Nah hoe you lucky I'm your bestie what would you do without me" she said hugging me smelling like liquid already,

"Loose my mind just like you would do without me" I said she started smiling.

"You damn right, but ion smell no liquor on yo breath so it's time to get druuuunnk" she dragged out causing me to laugh.

"Grab us a bottle" I said sticking my tongue out.

"Oh shit me and my bitch finna get fucked up, and get us some hookah too" India said excitedly.


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