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"Hi mom and dad I miss you guys so much..I promised a special someone I wouldn't cry because he told me I had to be strong and I know you guys hated seeing me cry so I'm trying my best not to..I talk to you guys about everything everyday except for Tribe..He's my roommate and he's so handsome, smart, loving, and he has a story and I can't help but wanting to keep turning the pages to figure out what's gonna happen next or if I'm gonna be apart if his story too I don't know if it's too soon to know it's love but I hate being apart from him..I know y'all know what I mean you guys are inseparable but give me a sign mama and papa I really need it I wanna know if this is the right move to give him my heart" I said placing their new flowers down.

"If you guys were here y'all would've loved him y'all probably already know him because he's Mrs.Washington son y'all prolly ain't want us meeting or some or we prolly never got around to meeting but I'm glad because I-I need him the most now and I'm so grateful he's here for me I just hope he never leaves, but I have to go now I love you guys so much and I'll probably be back to bring him here or the same time next month I love y'all forever and ever mama and papa" I said smiling big then I got up from the ground and dusted myself off then I pulled out my phone and called Tribe.


"I did it Tri! I didn't cry thank you" I said walking back to my rental car.

"I'm proud of you lil mama and there's no need to thank me when I got you" I said then I heard voices in the background.

"Am I interrupting something" I asked getting inside my car then I turned it on.

"Not at all I'm at the nail shop getting my nails cleaned and feet done and some ghetto folks in here" he said causing me to laugh.

"A man with good hygiene I love it" I said smiling big.

"I was raised right but I heard yo car start gone to yo hair appointment and send me pictures and FaceTime me when you finally get home and most importantly be safe" he said causing me to smile.

"I will Tri talk to you later" I said feeling butterflies inside my stomach.

"Talk to you later Zo I'm really proud of you lil mama" he said causing me to smile.

"Thank you baby" I said then we said goodbye and hung up the phone.


"Who got you smiling big" Majesty asked trying to look over my shoulder causing me to turn my phone off.

"Umm ma'am mind yo business" I said rolling my eyes then I felt my phone buzz again.

"Aww come on who's got my little sister blushing like a little school girl" she teased causing me to roll my eyes.

"I'm going in my room" I said then I grabbed my purse.

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