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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17TH, 2021: 1 A.M.

"Tribe baby open the door" I said knocking on the bathroom door hearing the shower running.

Hearing muffled crying I built up the courage and just opened the door and saw him sitting on the toilet in a towel with his head in his hands.

"Baby what's the matter" I asked turning off the shower.

"I-I thought you weren't coming" he choked up causing my face to soften.

"Aww baby I told you I was sorry I took long it was mad traffic and it was a hassle tryna get a last minute plane ticket, but come on let's get you dress so we can cuddle" I said then I moved his hands and wiped his face.

"I'm sorry you have to see me like this Zo I'll understand if you don't wanna be in a relationship with me because all you see me do is cry" he said standing up and I looked up at him.

"Baby shut up fr if I didn't want to be with you I wouldn't have gone through all that trouble to get here to Texas, and men have a emotions too so ion care I missed you" I said rubbing his face then I hugged him.

"I missed you too" he said then he bent down and kissed my cheek.

"Oh so we don't kiss on the lips no mo" I asked with my face balled up causing him to chuckle.

"We do bae" he said then he kissed me on the lips.

"Mm thank you" I said smiling.

"You look good in this bonnet" he said smiling causing me to smile because I missed his beautiful smile.

"Thank you, but I'm finna change I'll meet you in your room" I said then he nodded.

"Ok" he said then I kissed his cheek and walked out the bathroom to my room my bedroom and once I turned on the light I smiled at the big teddy bear and big bouquet of white roses sitting on my bed.


"Thank you pa" I said hugging him tightly.

"You like them" he asked wrapping his arms around me.

"I love them I never got flowers from anyone before besides family and my besties" I said then he smiled.

"I'm glad I'll be the first and last one to show you different a woman like you deserves flowers everyday" he said then he picked me up.

"I better be, and the same goes for you" I said smiling then I kissed his forehead.

"You wanna sleep in here" he asked then I looked at his bed.

"Did you fuck that female in here" I asked with an eyebrow raised.

"I wouldn't have invited you into my bed if I did I haven't had sex in months because I knew she was cheating and I wasn't tryna catch nothing" he said then I nodded.

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